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High quality, affordable horse backs. Horsetack::: Tack Tools & Accessories:::: Horse Tack :: mini-horse The Abetta calipers are manufactured in the USA. Launched in 1994, the Abetta semitrailer revolutionizes the horse and semitrailer industries with its synthetical, long lasting, light, easy to wash and very inexpensive invention. In its first year, this new horse semi-trailer horse sedan took more than 18,000 sales. He is still one of our best-selling today seats!

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Learn more about the material and how the saddle is made: For covering the Abetta calipers, a 1000 DN is used, which is very hard wearing. The only manufacturer to use cellular foams in its production of synthetics seats is Abetta. However, the company is also the only one to use them. Due to the fact that abetta calipers use a closed-cell cellular sponge and a 3-layer lining made of polyamide, the calipers do not take up moisture.

No need to be worried about walking through streams, getting trapped in the rains and even pulling your kids' saddles through the dirt thanks to the closed-cell foams and quieter marine protectors. These protections ensure that the seat is less susceptible to bacterial attack and thus offers even more horse-friendliness.

Abetta Trailsaddles are made on a real ride nutwood. More than 50% of all calipers made in the USA are constructed on rimide calipers. Realide trunks are shaped by an injecting technique and a metal-reinforced horns that provides total consistence. Calidus saddlepoles are very long lasting. Abetta stamina pads also consist of a one-piece stirrup, others go slightly under the yockey and screw the stirrup to the boom, stopping there.

Abdetta calipers take a full length belt of polyamide over the boom. Even though it is one-piece, it still screws the tackle into the canopy. Covering the seats of the saddle, Acu-Suede never lets the surface of the shoe be smoothed and retains its look and feels of buckskin forever. Four places on the abetta nut are covered with cowhide.

Horns are covered in hide, roses are made of hide, and rigs are padded with hide to make sure they don't clump or slide, and then the stirrups are covered for toughness and abrasion resistant. Light enough for a small wife or even a kid, the Abetta is designed to add to your horse's comforts.

Abetta's is a very affordable, beautiful looking, durable, ultra low-maintenance, comfortably designed seat that still has a high quality look to it. As we know, you will continue to experience your Abetta-Sattel for many years to come. To help you better grasp the different kinds and lifestyles of saddles, please feel free to browse our saddles brochure.

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