Cheap Pony Bridle

Inexpensive Pony Bridle

bridle for horses Nice state. I don't have a suitable stallion anymore. Big height - matched my stallion, which carries a regular full-length bridle. Micklem bridle used as seen in the pictures, but still in good shape..

............... please notice the bridle traces at the areas of the jaw where my filly droolled a great deal............ These are Keiffer bridles in used but very good state.

It' in ebony suede. Second-hand Barefoot Wellington Anatomical scale, which can be used with or without bite. Lovely cushioned scale with Parelli Finesse Soft Reins. The larynx is slightly damaged when the stallion came into the throat for a short time, but it is masked when in use because there is another belt over it.

It was a nice bridle that was only sold because my mare got too big. Micklem Bridle Black Standard Horses In good shape, only used in tests, clean after each use. Nosebands: Elevated and nosebands. Elevated forehead and nose band. The headband is embossed and headband, the nose is embossed and the nose is flashing.

Full size black, Collegiate Comfitec bridle. Very well upholstered and formed, designed to reduce stress and strain. Very good state, because very little abrasion - a little too comfortable on my 18th hour ITH. Like the PS of Sweden scale. The Micklem Competition Deluxe bridle. Incl. Micklem-specific nasal net.

RP £140 bridle & 15 nosepiece net. He' re the default. Full sized stallion, Black Micklem bridle. Plastik bitclips for the reins. These bridles are made to decrease drag by reducing stress on the horse's nerve system. Wonderful CWD bridle. Sizes 2 horses up to 1.65m. Fine leather. Diamond fence.

Diamond bridle with rubber grip reins made of leather. Elevated cushioned browband and nosband. BROAD BROADCAST broad broadcast. It has embossed and cushioned front straps, embossed and cushioned nosebands. There is no abrasion on the bottom of the cushioned head and nasal bands. The FULL FIZE ELBION COMBION BRIDLE with chest and nosebelt cushion.

Beautiful full sized bridle, Havana, with a new 5.1/2" Loose Ring Snaffle Bit and a set of British bridles. Was only used on one of the holes, so that the rein was more used in very good used state, but is solid. Attachment Clip barensby full darkbrown ("Havana").

Very nice bridle in very good state. Made from Micklem Bridle in English leather, this strap is equipped with high-grade nylon straps and padded over the strap. Competion bridle Album KB in ebony. full sized cheeks are excluded. Easily used, but no longer the horses it was purchased for.

English Leather Havana Cob/ Small Horse Bridle With a 5.1/2" bent bridle set tee and a smooth English leather bridle set, everything is very smooth and well groomed and has found very little use. Beautiful small purple rein and rein made of unused Nylons, only tried on and then stored.

A really beautiful bridle for training. A really beautiful bridle of good workmanship. I' ll buy it again, only in the larger one.

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