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D.A. Brand Black Nylon Mini Pony Driving Harness w/Silver Spots Horse Tack. Platinum Performance Pony Show Harness is a high-quality, handmade harness. Made in the USA - Comfy Fit Carriage harness Cob/Horse/Oversize - Comfy Fit Miniature Horse and Pony Harness.

Replacement 2200 Platinum Performance Roadster Pony Show Harness

Platinum Performance Pony Show Harness is a high-quality, handmade harness. Hand-made in small numbers to ensure the best workmanship and qualitiy. The highest grade Black Harness leather and high-gloss shiny, massive brasswork fittings with high-grade steal reeds ensure the ultimative, delicate show harness. This pony show harness seems to be of unsurpassed standard.

Platinum Performance Pony Show Harness includes:

One garden cart with pony drive

When I was a child, I used to spend a great deal of my life doing a car. In order to make it funny, I often thought of a pony that would push into the burden and swing my ponytail when the going gets rough. Whilst we had a V-shaped small wheel trolley, the really efficient one was a wood trolley with large spoke wheel and air-tyres.

I have catalogues calling this type of car a Vermont Garden Car. There was no room for all the pony fertilizer my horse lovers made in our containers. And I knew the crap it takes to go to the country. The first thing I did was to use the old barge with my pony Mya.

The majority of dung distributors are large and heavier and need a horse crew. Pony size dung distributors are often dimensioned for use in a group. I needed something small and lightweight, and on wheels to minimise the effects on the country, with only one pony currently available. "My man and I were looking around our little ranch for something lightweight, cheap and available, and we quickly realized our Vermont styled car.

It was easy for Tom to see how he could construct manholes, but he kept the wagon humanly useable. I' ve been leafing through my workhorses' logs to find out the wiring harness connectors. It is made of 2×4 wood, with transverse struts that push the carriage from behind, raise the grip of the carriage and act as a single boom.

It has been conceived in such a way that it can be quickly and simply taken off in order to put the trolley back into its usual state. With the help of Lynn Miller's Work Horse Handbook and Midwest Leather's catalogue, I learnt how to change the harness I had for Mya by attaching a pillow and large slings made of shame belts to her back padding.

As far as we know, Mya had never been in pits before, and before we hung her on the car with pits, we used the pits as tractor. Mya only needed a few moments to familiarize herself with the Travi's, so we put the waves on the car and hung them.

It turned out that she seemed to feel safer with the car than with the tractor, and we soon drove around the ranch and even made some crap the first few days. Soon after a few easy rides, during which we only towed liquid slurry, we were on our way back. There would be a lot of crap going off and back would be a lot of wood or a ball of grass.

Because of the car's character, I run as much as Mya, but for a few working sessions at the end of our working day I am known for sitting in the car and driving back to the shed. We borrowed a coach from a girlfriend, and Mya took it just as lightly as the lawn coach, and after work I sometimes take her for a spin.

It' not too far to say that the lawn wagon changed Mya's and my relation. Since a few of our fans have a pony and a lawn barrow, we took some photos of the barrow installation. Since I have my other bigger ones in my harness, I'm looking forward to maybe one day having a dung distributor and a forecast kart so I don't have to walk so much.

But until then, Mya is helping me not to stack the crap and lets me carry other things that special gear wouldn't allow.

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