Cheap Pony Saddles for Sale

Inexpensive pony saddles for sale

Marcel Toulouse Annice saddle is all you have loved in the big saddle, but reduced for children and ponies. Toulouse Annice Marcel Pony Saddle Therefore, with our 100% contentment warranty, you can buy with confidence: if you make a choice that does not fit you or your horses, you can give it back for a full refund, substitute or change. Undocumented returned items can get the minimum retail value of the last 60 business days in a voucher or present voucher.

Second-hand saddles must be surrendered within 30 workingdays of purchase. Helmet and protective equipment important to the driver can be return in mint condition up to 30 workingdays after purchase with genuine packing and manufacturer's trailers. Sharing your concern, we work closely with industry professionals to ensure a high-security ordering area.

Under the Fair Credit Act, if you are experiencing cheating, your bank will not be held responsible for more than $50.00 in charge of you. To protect yourself, you must immediately inform your payment service provider of any chargebacks you have made and comply with the procedure described in your contract.

Used Pony Saddles

Our used saddles have all been subjected to an eight-point inspection by our skilled saddler before they were offered for sale. The aim is to make sure that the saddles are 100% secure, functional and of the expected standard of you. Our used saddles all have a 10 days cash back warranty, so if the seat does not work for any reasons, you can send it back to us for a full refund. Please contact us for a full quote.

If necessary, our saddler is at your side with help and advise. Buy now with us high-quality used pony saddles.

Pony Saddlery

Conceived to be suitable for all races of broader and pony wide riders in all events, our Pony Saddles Company saddles offer every pony or pony a convenient, well-fitting nut for chopping, pony club, riding, jumping or a cleanly trimmed show nut that can be used at any stage of the show.

Pony saddles have the smooth, safe feeling of a comfort seat on our proprietary, purpose-built beams that go so well with pistons and horses. Delivered with traditionally narrow, traditionally flaked pads, broad gulets and our four girth bands for individual girth on our specifically engineered beams, all Pony saddles have been thoroughly inspected by both us and our client to provide a tight grip, safe feeling without the common slip and equilibrium issues associated with our round, shallower horses.

Developed for horses and riders, they offer ultimate riding convenience no matter how broad the size and width of the saddle or pony in a variety of seating styles, adapting the smallest baby to the broadest and all in between. The saddles consist of broad boards that ensure good carrying capacity over the entire back of the horses or ponies, all saddles have a broad esophagus for good spinal freedom no matter how broad the horses or ponies are.

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