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Set Showman PINK PONY nylon bridle chest collar with rhinestones & Fringe NEW TACK. Mini- and pony tack back. A aa callister departments - tack; mini &

pony tack.

Pick-a-dock at Schneider Sattlerei

Conceived for horses with smaller, sophisticated minds, this slimmer holster is infinitely variable to provide the required shape. The holster is made of"¾" tripple sewn corduroy hide and has massive bras fittings. Fort Worth is an excellent day-to-day holster and ideal for day-to-day use. It may be our cheapest holster, but it will win you over with the superior feel of leathers, fitting and reliable features at such an affordable cost.

The 1 " single-ply holster is fully heightened, fully reclinable and has massive bras fittings on each ring. Use a holster panel and this holster will fade into the background. It is a premium quality three-stitch holster made from premium grade A grade leathers, using only the most reliable massive and perfectly dimensioned massive messes.

The holster is fully reclinable and is ideal for use in stables and turnouts. The holster is soft and fits easily over the nasal area and over the coronet. Made from ¾ " leathers, this fine roll noseband is specially formulated for Arabs and smaller races to enhance the look of the human face.

The holster is made of high quality class A quality leathers and uses only massive brasswork fittings. This Paris holster is fully customizable to adapt the shape to the finesse of each rider. Buy free Dura-Tech Neoflex Training & Show Girth (click here or select size). Order free of charge Free of charge Free of charge delivery!

Complimentary Billy Royal ý westernsaddle bag with buy. This is a pony bite for advanced horsemen who want a lever action with a bridle nozzle. Handmade from the best British leathers by J & E Sedgwick & Co. This is the ideal jumping calf for a young horseman who wants a low fit and an anatomical shape that allows more mobility and close mating.

It is an easy-to-clean pony RCA that is perfectly suited for daily use. This is a headpiece of westerns and ponies that is both practical and interesting with its funny patterns and pattern. It is a show mat that makes your pony's show look even more interesting. This pony headpiece has a classic look that will please any pony.

Easily adapt your pony pirate pelmet to your showwear. Curved edgings and Navajo patterns give this pony helmet additional interest. This is a versatile pony RCA that absorbs humidity and moves with your pony. Fine British Genuine Sedgewick & Co. We have created a harness with a nicely finished look and enhanced stability and longevity by attaching the doubly movable bar to each side of the winder, inserting the Smart Lock pens such as hooks and doubling the reins and ends of the cheeks.

48 " x 1/2" Free with Buy Free Shipment! The Panhandle Reiner is an excellent example of amazing equilibrium, superior craftsmanship and craftsmanship, in line with Billy Royal's long history of handmade westerns. The Billy Royal® saddle is made from the most exquisite, hand-picked skins on our own specially made wood tree, adapted to today's contemporary conditions, from Arabian to Quarter Horses.

Panhandle Reiner creates a fine equilibrium between the wickerwork and deburring tools, which are emphasized by manually etched, silver-plated Conchoes and a RCA ring on the back. Featuring Rockigging, silvery points around the cantel, calfskin and off ticket and heavyduty high-grade RCA metal beads. COMPLETELY Billy Royal saddle bag with buy!

Earplugs help you to concentrate your pony with its sound-absorbing properties. This is the perfect ring bridle for your beginners or advanced pony riders. This is a classical pony saddle cloth that goes with your pony calf very well. Helps your pony keep its back cold and wet while showing off with this hunting pony canvas.

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