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Seat pads available in German Horse British saddle pads are conceived for use under a saddle, which help to take up perspiration, protects the back of the saddle and cushions the saddle. It can also be used to change the saddle balancing or to correct saddle fitting issues. When shopping, be sure to check your horse's saddle to make sure it fits properly.

Measuring a saddlecloth? The most saddle pads have two or three dimensions: length, width and sometimes even thicknesses. In order to find the right size, you must take your saddle and look at it on your saddle. First number found on a pads size is the length of the pads along the horse's back.

Which kinds of saddle pads are available? These are available for show jumpers, all-purpose and training jumpers.

Quadratic Pads: Quadratic cushions can provide a thin film of wadding or polyurethane padding on the inside, while others are covered with moisture-transporting materials. Dressur pads: They are rectangle with flat sides to hold the longer keys of the saddle. Risers Pads: Those guys are bigger in the back than in the front.

Half-pads: They can be used in many ways and can enhance the ride as well. Half-shells are perfect if your saddle has a painful back or if you want your saddle and other turning points to match your saddle better. Anglo-Saxon saddle pads are made of different material, so the choice of the right saddle pad will depend on your needs as well as on the needs of your horses.

Many drivers prefer to wear soft or foamed memories because of their capacity to cushion shocks. Schaffell fibres also adapt to the back of the animal.

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