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No matter if you are a beginner or a serious, long-time competitor, we offer turning points for every skill level. From show to western clothes and boots for young and old! Buy our wide range of Saddles & Tack. You can browse through our brand tack, ropes, saddles and English riding equipment.

The list contains Isle, Tack articles, price and where it "equips" on your horse.

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This will alleviate the rigidity of the bicycle saddle, but it does not make it much widen. It' feelin' like a normal bicycle saddle. Saddle Pad and flyscreens MATCHY SET Numnah & Veil Ears. Is it a chockamore? Hoechamore is a kind of hat that doesn't have a thing.

Instead, it has a specific kind of strap that acts on bruises on the face, nostrils and jaw. Hackamore is most commonly seen in horse wrestling and other equestrian sports based on traditional horse building in Spain, and is sometimes seen in some British equestrian events such as show jumps and the stadiums stage of equestrianism.

Different Hackmore styles are also loved for stamina rides.

Mary's Saddle & Tack in Hillsboro closes after 26 years (photos, video)

As she lay on her deathbed, made blouses and sewed clothes and caps for her three horse-loving girls, Mary Sonnaband was just a supporting mum. "Sonnaband began to sew for others, too. Hat and chap resulted in the provision of additional horse-related articles, which resulted in the rental of a 600 square meter site on the Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha and the opening of a saddle-store.

"Everybody said, "You won't make it six months," Sonnaband said recently. Sonnaband's shop, Mary's Saddle & Tack, however, reaches the end of the road. It sells its stock and will conclude when the rental contract expires at the end of March, a casualty of the recession and change.

"Just can't make money," said Sonnaband, a perky red-haired girl in her mid 70s. "Sonnaband's calling card was quite easy in the early stages, said Deb Popov, the center of those equine girls who has been helping her mother run the store for two decads. Sonaband would buy two articles, and if you sell them, fill them up with two more.

To control her first year in the business, Sonnaband said, her accountant named her at 11 p. m. - the dark before the inspection was due, saying she owing $20,000. Sonaband had set aside funds on the basis of disposals without knowing that her new store would also weigh onstock.

Today, the equestrian sector is largely distributed among on-line traders, high-end specialist shops and farmer-traders. Mary's Saddle is an anachronism: a mom-and-pop shop that offers both West and British tacks and does justice to the equestrian world. Service to handicapped horsemen is a shared obsession of both girls; the shop often works with the B.E.A.T. in Banks.

"Horsemen with particular needs don't buy unusual clothes," says Popov, whose 19-year-old subsidiary is participating in the Beats programme. "From the beginning Sonnaband has also been selling consignation apparel and gear, part of their policy of making things accessible to novice horse-users. "When a little child comes excitedly from horses," said Sonnaband, "and gets new shoes, jodhpurs and a hat for a show.

" As a result, the resulting stock includes a random compilation of equestrian material: An Arabic mare's velvet-coloured, silvery indigenous suit (brought on commission and never collected ) is highlighted at $80; high-tech synthetic forks with interchangeable neon-coloured prongs; elaborately crafted westernsaddles stacked three times on a frame; a small carton with the inscription "Misc.

They were thinking about closing the store two years ago, Popov said, but instead they made a new beginning, filled up the stock and moved to a new site, the store's forth in 2797 H.E. Tualatin Valley Hwy. in Hillsboro. Hoping that the efforts would stimulate sales, the absence of a website, changes in purchasing patterns and rivalry from large retail outlets turned out to be too much to overpower.

"We have become a fitting facility," said Popov, declaring that folks try on articles in the shop and then buy them on-line. Additionally, she said, shops like Coastal and Wilco can sell products at lower retail costs than Mary's. The customer Nancy Senn from Northwest Portland is one of those newcomers who will miss Mary's.

"Sweetheart Mary knows both ends," Senn said. "Their clients are what they will miss most when the store shuts down, Sonnaband and Popov were in agreement, and part of the cause for the long goodbye. "I' d like to thank everyone for being such good clients and how much I appreciate it," said Sonnaband.

" The last closing of the doors in March, Popov said they could work on some horse-related produce or specialities, such as a line of gluten-free bakery goods she makes. Sonna Band isn't quite set to put her cap up yet.

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