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Jumping is a global sport and a year-round sport. jumping Skydiving is a worldwide sports and a year-round activity. Every three and four days of shows take place each weeks, offering the highest degree of contest and hosts. Furusiyya FEI Nation's Cup is an annual event covering all show jumper nations. In order to be a winner in show jumper you need a prudent, courageous and gifted competitor and a courageous and gifted one.

It is important that the relation between horseman and horseman is such that the horseman is trusted to make good choices, and the horseman also has full confidence in the-horseman. These relationships begin at the beginning of their career at the tender ages of four or five when they jump into fenced practice sessions of about 1m in length.

As a rule, the youngsters are about 10 years old before they have to achieve the highest stage (Championat/Grand Prix). Multiple horsemen can be part of the equestrian evolution, each using their own particular skills in the production of different phases of their lives. Our drivers have many years of internal racing experiences and very constant record-breaking performances in domestic events.

All of them have a lot of horse breeding expertise and the farm is supervised by Shane and Chloe so that all of our stallions are always cared for and bred in the same way as our cowsheds. It has two overseas exhibitions and a domestic exhibition in Hickstead, and the area is very suitable for good qualifying contests.

Despite his diligent competitive duties, Shane is available every single month to supervise the practice of the rider and equestrian. Without our very faithful and generouse owner it would be practically not possible to lead a stable of internationally renowned steed. For us, owning a stable with first-class potentials is an excellent way to invest.

Through our network and our expertise we are able to find young and gifted youngsters from all over Europe. We' re always happy to see our owner, either to observe their horse at work at home, to observe them at domestic shows or to visit our showrooms.

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