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Affordable stallions for sale

Fourth Horses for sale. Purchasers who are looking for tall and slender stallions who can be either ridden or unridden. Shallow & NH stallions of all ages. He is a PRE stallion for dressage and competition.

Sales Horse

We' re not taking any kind of trade in the equine sector. When sending your order, only bank transfers/credit card will be used. When you pick up your own ponies - accept money, cheques, bank transfers or bank transfers. The full price for your equine must be payed within 24 hrs after "speaking".

Whilst the ponies are awaiting shipping/collection, a $15/day catering fee applies for stuck ponies and $12. 50/day for grazing ponies. Many of our ponies are sold within a few hrs of hire - if you are interested in a particular pony, please call Melanie at 940-733-8581 for the quickest answer.

Used in the sales descriptions: A very beautiful 11-year-old filly by Smart Shiner by Shaining Spark! She has one metric ton of bones and will be an unbelievable Hired Gun horse! There is a Nic It In The Rey filly by her side, she has been reared with Hired Gun for a colt from May 2019 and comes with a parachute charge of 2019, which only applies to our stallions!

About 14,2 years old. 16-year-old filly by Smart Lil Paradign (LTE $22k) x d-tr by Jay Pepsan, who won $16k! She' s in foal for a 2019 colt by Metallelic Malice! She has been in the possession of Texas A&M for most of her lifetime. She' s been producing ponies used in her schoolwork.

No, we don't think this filly was ever broken to be a horse. It is good to breed and use! It'?s at 14.2h. She' s straight-legged and very healthy. AAA 13 yo filly by Sweet First Down (LTE $150,000) in foals to ONCE IN A BLU BOON (LTE $318,000 - covering money $5,500) for a 2019 filly + comes with a 2019 breed to each of our stallions!

She is a big and pretty filly! She is a $584 NCHA money-earner and carries the filly of the one fabulous time ("LTE $21,000")! It comes with a parachute charge of 2019, which only applies to our stallions! She is 5 panels N/N.

It was good to be ridden before it was born. It'?s about 14.3. FANCY 10 Yo FANCY broodmare by S&MOOTH AS A CAT x own d-tr from CD Olena! She is a solid horse to be ridden and raised. She' s really bankrupt and is VERY conspicuous! She' ll have nice, market-ready kittens when you' re done with her!

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