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Words'Preloved' are displayed under the brand name.

Racehorses find new careers

Having met several different races, Winfrey loved Standardbreds. California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS) is a non-profit pedagogical organisation committed to the preservation of the lives and ages of historical ordnance and is the only horse-drawn group on the West Coast. In order to get these horses, the charitable, near Salinas, Calif.

rescuing standard trotting horses from Sacramento, California. Like Dennis Winfrey, the horses are then trained to draw a large part of the vehicles during a parade, schooling, and reenactments of the fighting. Pensioners in retirement are just the thing for working as artillerymen, because they have already been subjected to noisy sounds and masses of men on the course and because their flocks help them to find new routine by following the more seasoned horses, says Winfrey, one of the organisation's founder.

WINFRENEY was interested in horses in the early 1960' after he and his spouse leave town to grow flower. After all, their kids wanted a steed. By then, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management had an Adopt-a-Horse programme with a $17 Mustang from the U.S. Treasury, so Winfrey collected a shipment of trucks in Nevada.

Having met several different races, Winfrey loved Standardbreds. His first salvation came around 1995 and two years later he established the historical Gunnery Club. In the course of the years, the company has developed from a few processions to more than 30 full-fledged cannon shows per year, among them a 10-pound macaw and a 10-pound-gun.

Horses also draw an ancient coffer, a utility car and an emergency car. Over the years Winfrey has saved more than 75 horses, and without him CHAS would not have existed, thanks to his day-to-day management of the almost 30 horses on his 40 hectares of property called "Camp Warhorse," says Murphy. WINFRENEY gets up in front of the salvaged horses to eat, plough the field, charge grass, repair the fence and much more.

The group does more than just save the horses' life - it also deserves many awards in this way, among them recognition as the most genuine and best educated horse-bred gunnery team in the state. "It is Dennis who produces the best uses for these horses that would otherwise have gone to battle and turns their life into a vibrant story for the good of all," says Murphy.

The biggest fundraiser of the year is the Duncan Mills Civil War Days every year, but they also depend on personal sponsorship to compensate Winfrey for the costs of maintaining the horses. However, even if there was no help, Winfrey would never turn his backs on his former team.

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