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Large selection of high boots for English riding. Country boots, country boots and more! High boots are quite expensive. Wide-Calf Tall Boots, created for Macy's. Skirtfish Women's Original Tall Wellington, shiny, adjustable.

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The Deniro Salento Dress Boots are made in Casarono, Italy by skilled craftsmen with great love for detail. Handmade from patent WRAT coated calf leather that is air permeable, waterproof and tearproof. Classy, fashionable boots with a drop-design top and an elasticized zip panels for optimum comfort and perform.

Vibram riding soles offer outstanding grip and wear protection for the highest level of safety even under the toughest riding circumstances. The Deniro boot is one of the most classy riding boots in Italy, built on traditional handicraft and sophisticated styles, available in a range of calves, feet and heights for a perfect fitting.

Protected WRAT finished leathers - proprietary WRAT Advanced Treatment uses waterproof fabrics that are joined to the grain of the leathers during tannage to create a protection layer that makes your leathers windproof yet windproof, waterproof, tearproof, quick-drying and prolongs shoe durability. Antibacterial, absorptive active charcoal sole made of suede is highly respiratory and shock-absorbing.

German - Boots 6.5

E.Vogel Custom Made Field Boots (Black) Perfect condition: $500(Retail $1000+)Dimensions: Width around the veal 13 3/4 inchTop-most part around the veal 13 1/4 inchNarrowest part around ankles crusher 11 1/2 inch heel to heel 10 inch (US feetize 6 1/2 - 7 inch)Across broadest part of the shoe 3 1/2 inchAcross broadest part of the shoe over the top of the shoe 5 3/8 inchHeight on the outside 19 1/8 inchCustom cach: stamps on the inside:

216721Bird logotype stamps of originality on the inside of leather ribs..... moresoles track is resting (surcharge for bird)inner boots draws Perfect state inside and outside, only at exhibitions used. Zipless boots for the longest and most stylish look. Genuine leather, no patches, very small scratches (hard to see). Insoles in perfect state.

The boots were kept in an air-conditioned area in a navy-coloured, cushioned boots pocket (INCLUDED) with high boots protectors (INCLUDED). NEW Saxon Syntovia Tall Field Boots - Women - All sizing and widths available Saxon Syntovia Tall Field Boots in sleek size are with a new and enhanced look comparable to high-end high heels!

The boots are made of high-quality PU, which looks like genuine PU, but is much simpler to care for. These boots are stylishly highlighted by the lacing on the front. fatures & advantages of saxon syntovia FIelde boots:made of high grade grain plooks like nappa but is much simpler to care for elastic stretched panels creating a flawless fit EVA footbed attaches comfort to detail on the front for stylish ykk zip on the back for ease of off and hard upholstery. Wear gum outside for durabilityColour: dark-bl.

Size chart Size chart Slim Med wide Xwide Height 4 12" 12 1/2" n/a n/a 16" 5 12 1/8" 12 3/4" 14" 14" 16 1/2" 5. 5-6 12 1/4" 13" 13 3/4" 14 1/2" 17" 17 3/8" 17" 6. 5-7 12 1/2" 13 3/8" 14" 15" 17 3/8" 7. 5-8 13" 13 3/4" 14 1/2" 14 1/2" 15" 15 3/8" 17 3/4" 8.

5 - 9 13 3/8" 14 1/4" 15" 15 3/4" 18" 9. 5-10 13 3/4" 14 1/2" 15 3/8" 16" 1/ 1/2" 11 14" 15" 15" 15 3/4" 16 1/2" 19" Height is taken barefooted from the back of the knees to the bottom and 1 1/4" to 1/2" added to allow for one droplet.

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DO NOT GIVE ANY ITEM BACK TO THE RESCUE OR MY PERSONAL ADDRESS. No refunds will be made for delivery costs. The Tredstep Ireland Medici Field Boat Ireland Medici Field Boot Ireland? is decorated with artistic charm and a lot of love for detail. These high riding boots made of fine, hand-picked calf leather embody the fascination of innovative designs and handcrafted delicacy.

Special curved designs allow the boots to encase and accentuate the inherent form of your legs for a tight fitting and a sleek outfit. Featuring a full grained calfskin liner and a high performing sole, this stylish boots features spore pads, shoelaces and zip protection at the end.

A full-length back zip is backed by a soft back that retains the boots hight and sophistication. The Ariat® Ladies' Heritage Zip Field Boat Tall is a traditional full-grain smooth calfskin boat with a contours through the ankles for a smooth, cuddly look.

The full grain cowhide padding provides extra leg protection when riding. These boots are equipped with a high-cut top, a swager tablet with ancient copper emblem,.... toecap, unrestricted elastic lacing and a full back-zip. Three-Step Donatello Feldboots. Slim/Height Regular Veal Size 37(US Size 6. 5-7).

Wear them only a few time, these boots are in very good state! Largest part of the 12. 5-inch, inside high, inside high, inside high, outside high, outside heel 20 inch at the highest point, from toes 10 1/8 inch at the outside of the shoe.

Two of the zipper front and two of the zipper front are slightly curved, but the zipper still works perfectly. Bootsucks not supplied. Gladly I combinate the dispatch on articles! The Marshall Field & Co. Leather riding boots Marshall Field & Co.

Sizes 6. See photographs as part of the descriptions Very good state! Lucky to be able to combine shipment for several shopping trips. Sorry, no combination shipment for overseas orders. The goods must be in the same state as the article purchased. Effingham riding boots for hire. Approximately dimensions - 17 in height (including that they have fallen at the ankles) 14.

However, in beautiful condition - used for 2 tournament periods. These boots were only once or twice carried. Only enough to make small folds at the knuckles. there is no abrasion on the sole and elsewhere... The sole is a little bit soiled from the few fittings, but that's all... These boots are in great form and prepared for the show ring... in orginal packing... they are Pull-On's.

Ariat Bromont Tall H2O Field Boots Size 6 water resistant & insulated. Beautiful 5 boots with very easy use. I' m used to riding in my rigid training boots. The boots are watertight and have 200 gram primaloftsulation. It' a great pair of boots. Measurings: Shipments to the lower 48 federal states, all other countries on request.

High prix brandname boots 6. 6. 5 W.sole from your toes to your heels 10. 25 " Good used state. Common abrasion marks on leathers and insoles through use. Beautiful smooth skin. Beautiful boots that can be used for many years! Atlantis trousseau trouser with rectangular toes - 6. size black.

5-inch height=17. 75-inch (these are genuine sizes, the boots are slightly sunk by use) Full-length elastic plate for stretching and comfortable ATS foot bed for shock absorption. Genuine $399. These boots have been used a few time and are in good shape. Zips and clasps are in perfect working order, the skin has been dimmed to a deep shimmer.

The boots are very comfortable and hard-wearing. They' re all boots made of hide. Sizes 6.5. Twenty-five heels on the back of the boots. They' re measuring 10 inch toes to heels and 14. Beautiful, soft boots, which are in good shape and in addition to the necessary repairs.

Large English riding boots. Womenize is 37 RT, which is a womensize of 6,5-7 in the USA. They don't need anything, everything works. Perfect state, prepared to show! Big calf: Normal soles are: 10 1/4" long and 3 3/4" broad. Bottom to bottom is brief upper part of boots:

19 " bottom to the high side of the boots is 21" around the outside of the boot: To outside the broadest part of the veal is: 14. 5" See the Dover Saddlery catalogue or Tredstep website for better/more dimension information. I' m combining articles for less shipment. Ask all your queries before you bid.

At Tredstep?, the Da Vinci field boat combines a combination of modern styling and tradition. The Da Vinci is made of fine fullgrained calf skin and has a full length zip backed by a soft back to keep the boots high and long line. These boots have a classical top line, two lateral spore rests and a zip protection.

These are a set of KNEE HIGH BLACK:DEVON-AIRE" riding boots in English riding stly. DEVONAIRE#2250 RIDING BOOTS. SWIMMING TALL leatherette boots. Sizes 6 1/2 M. measures toes is 10 inch. 3 3/8 inch bottom to top axle is 18 inch. top axle is 12 inch around. bottom is wide.

Metall-Toe Protection-LEDER-WINKELHARNESS. MARVELLOUS CONDITOR. LITTLE TO NO abrasion of the heels. please note: i would sell articles to purchase for diabetic medication. Beautiful used Marlboro Field Boots in sizes 5 to 6 These are well made boots in good used state. Not zippered Dimensions on the outside of the boots: 10 1/2" 3 1/2" across the balls of the feet 5/8" paragraph 17 1/2" high (measured from the top of the upper part of the shoe to the middle back of the boot) 14" calf (measured at the broadest part of the outside of the boot) Please ask your question before the bid.

Women Big black riding boots/ field boots US size 6. Light weight spore and ankle support. Combinations are possible for sales ending within 3 working day. When you want to have more than one item won and the shipment in combination, please ask me for an account for the proper delivery costs.

Postage and packing cannot be used in combination once they have been charged. Listing your articles quickly and easily and managing your current articles. Vigorous boots are in almost flawless working order, but used. Ideal for riding and fashions. Extremely comfy boots. Supersoft calfskin is long-lasting. It is in good state with hardly any creases, no tears in the calf.

BROWN Leather English Riding Pull on Equestrian Field Boots. There is no lid on the outside of a boots, but it does not impair the function of the boots, as it is only used for decor. Maybe you need bootsuit men to draw them yourself. They should also put in a boots lifter to take them off.

The boots are filled with polystyrene blisters and papers, packed in a large.... umebox to not turn the top over. NOTE that the exact delivery cost may be affected by the exact dimensions of the boxes, so do not charge until I have informed you of the real delivery cost.

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The inside of the boots is padded with genuine calfskin. Number 295-011 on the inside of each boots. Dimensions from bottom to top: outside. Approximately 20" inside Approximately 18" back 19" to foot on the outside of the insole. 10 "10 1/4" If you are looking for the right set of fractured boots, you've come to the right place.

If I could afford to bust in my boots, I would. Nice boots with lots of vitality. Turtleneck boots 5 won't matter. Look at my other riding gear. Nice chocolatebrown Dehner's boots with an astonishing shine. Tailor-made for Dottie Hailer, as marked on the inside with the series number ( (85954) Large pattern, either for riding or frolicking in autumn.

Boots were stocked with bootsrees, but these are not part of the bid. Those are custom-made boots. There is no variable specified. Note the real dimensions = 10 1/4" long and 3 9/16" wide (at the broadest point). They are 17 1/2" high from the bottom of the heat to the top edge of the backstitch.

Take 11 1/4" around the tightest part of the ankles and 13 1/2" around the broadest part of the calves. It is a man-made compound material (no leather) and is stamped "BILTRITE" and "MADE IN USA". I' ve listet a few more Dehner boots. They are a bit larger, a bit brighter in colour, and also..... have an incredible shine. together with a pile of other similarly large boots and heels.

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