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Locally sourced thoroughbred in horses and ponies in the UK and Ireland. He is an industry leader in the rehabilitation of thoroughbreds after finishing their racing or breeding careers. Purebred and thoroughbred sport horses. When you have purchased your whole blood through an online site, it is also important to look at the legal information about buying and selling animals. It is certainly not cheap to train and race horses.


A 6 year old bloodstock. Darkbrown never ridden gelding. Tall, strong kid with a laid-back character. He would be an outstanding hunter-jumper, eventing or training rider. 3-hour point and shoe appealoosa gelding. Ideal for everyone. Congratulation to Leah Morris, TN, who grabbed the flawless stallion that wasn't even for sale!

The Avanti will be an outstanding view of training! A 3h5yrs old OTTB Gelding. A very large, strong looking bones teddy. Sweet movers, well educated and light to horse. A 3h5yrs old OTTB Gelding JC Name: Mom's Tour Very big, clumsy..... OTTB 3h darkbrown Gelding. She is a very keen to leap and is very willing to learnt new things!

5 years old 17 hour old horse with excellent blood lines (click here for pedigree). and full-blooded incentive program ID#. Fantastic on the trail, learn to dive. Launched easily. 3 year old OTTB-geldig to Dawn Walker in TN as prospective HJ-brochure sells *** 16. 3hr UNRACED old gelding!

A very relaxed and relaxed person. Love the attentiveness and joy of his horseman. First tape..... Chic and casual. OTTB-thalax 3+ 4 years old massive darkbrown, big bones. If you still need some downtimes, it would be great for the RRP 2018!!!!! fb free jumps to watch....

13-year-old Old Mother-of-a-Bitch. She is a courageous young woman with tournament ring hunting skills, but would rather live as an show jumping or show jumping tramp. One hour Fabulous movers, likes to leap. Easy restart through expansion! Great and funny pony! Congratulations to Katy in Ashlandity who took him to his first recognised MTPC competition right after his fourth place!

OTTB 3h Wallach. calm, becomes an outstanding children's or dainty sire. Sportive, willing, likes to leap. will be a great showpiece! Relax.... 3h, 5 year old horse is an outstanding hunter/jumper. LOVE to leap anything in his way! OTTB 3h Wallach. Becomes an extraordinary steed for juniors or AA.

Congratulations to Danielle in Oxford for her Malibu *** 6 year old Malibu Moon 0TTB Gelding. 2 hour old Gelding. He' a relaxed and willing youngster. A very well reared stallion that attracts attention when he retires.

Dunkle Bucht with a.... 2009-05-26 Friese / warm-blood / whole blood liverbeet chestnut x16h.... 2h 12y. old OTTB-jack was easily used for hunters/jumpers. Be a great show jumping or show jumping rider! OTTB 2h x 12yre old Gelding was easily used for hunters/jumpers. 2 hours annexes: Wallach.

I' m sure this big, striking bay will stand out in the judge's eyes. Honey Bear's nice movements, friendly temper and nice presentations make it the ideal complement for anyone who wants to show their talents. Unusual, willing and light training. Good training, likes to dive. Good on foot. Gonna be an outstanding achiever.

Simple training. OTTB 2h Wallach for sale by the owners in the nurses training. Has competed in many tests for young horses, has easily begun to jump and likes it. Width and shape over fencing with a light posture. A great novice, amateur-friendly stallion! would stand out in events or with huntsmen!

OTTB 3h Wallach. Starts easily in training, enjoys working. Launched over a fence recently and Iove it! Raider guy leap. Simple goalkeeper for a T.B.! 1 hour old filly, bred for jumping! Her bloodlines are very good - Mr. Prospektor, Sturmkatze, Seattle Slew, Gdansk, Northern Dancer.

It has an astonishing capacity, a big step forward and an outstanding work morale..... It has astonishing diving rules! He' a LOVE bugs who likes the spotlight. 1 hour fighter or low-level perspective. He won many hunters shows and 3. in Queeny Park OBN against 15 other ponies and was his first times in a training arena - 36%!

Simple and relaxed. Valor`s Equinenow ad 2018 RRP Makeover eligible 16yr 16h darkbrown Gelding Recovered and rehabilitated from a heel-leg. One hour this colossus thinks he's a pup. It had a hard beginning in being taken from a poor practice for the course, the rider knew that this was too fast to.....

OTTB 3 6 year old. Passionate, fearless and eager to work! This is the ideal stallion for EVERYONE! He/she enjoys teaching, he/she enjoys jumping, he/she enjoys riding and he/she enjoys training..... 1h, this colt has a proper exterior with an increasing body type.

16,3 7 years old Gelding.... This is 1-handed 6-year-old gelding. He will be a marvellous show-jumper. Likes jumping, goes through the free parachute! Lunge steps, basics work! implemented survce. OTTB 1h Wallach with a lot of practice and jumping experiences.

Exceptional training, automatic change. She has a nice leap, chooses her right leaders and has changes and is very courageous. OTTB 2h5yrs old Frensh breed won his first ever beginners competition! Courageous, loose, without pedestal, bolts or chew. 5 year old 16hr Unraced TB Wallach. Great prospects for any kind of sports, bold for XC and calm for the hunter.

This 5 year old, unridden 16 hour old gelding is an outstanding opportunity for eventers,... 4h 4yr old OTTB. Easily launched, calm, relaxed, seems to be amateur-friendly. Awareness and work. Exceptional temper, not perishable at all. Outstanding intellect, would stand out in show jumping horses or versatility. He is very kind and willing to learnt, will be an outstanding show or hunting pony!

Eye-catchingly beautiful 16-hour 5-year-old FHANA Friese is an import. He' s got no vice and good graces. He is as gifted in the world of training as he is..... 17-year-old, 6-year-old OTTB gelding. OTTB stallion. He has an outstanding family tree (pedigree) with Mr. Prospector, Hoist the Flag and Bold Ruler.

Beautiful courses, great riding horses! Might make an outstanding h/j or showjumper! The bridles absorb easily and move in a relaxing manner. He has an extraordinary motion! Skirt is relaxing and likes the spot. Outstandingly suitable for training and hunting. Easily launched over railings and calm. Smooth running, good work morale.

Love his horseman, regardless of his young and talented. Seveny-yrs old gelding. One and a half brown stallion, very sporty, loves work, is an ideal show jumper or hunting mason. 2 hour old Gelding. Outstanding brains, work morale and talents in such a tight timeframe! The 2h 0TTB Wallach Amazonian Blutlinien sind AP Indy, Blushing Groom, Unbridled, Tiznow und Fappiano.

3hr nine-yre old Otto Gelding. Easily re-started, this is the cutest, most willing horse of all time! So far we have only done some fundamental training work and outings with him. Avoid vice, love goodies, love children, love attentiveness, stand still for.....

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