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Warm-blooded horses for sale, from yearlings to show horses. When you want to buy the best Dutch sport horse, be it a highly bred Dutch warmblood, foal or up to an adult Grand Prix show jumper or dressage horse. " Breeders Beware of Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome." NTEC has a stable with horses for show and sale in addition to the pension horses. All breeds of Clydesdales, draught horses for sale including draft crosses and draft warmbloods!

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Heather McCarthy is a beautiful, female, 2012 Hannoverian bay bay horse, educated and rode by Savannah WS (Stakkato Gold x Miller Proof xx). Savannah was raised in the traditional way at the age of 3 years, had a fillingy at 4 years (kept by the breeder) and began under horseback riding at 5 years. She is a very gifted, sporty horse, who works in education and also likes to jump (with her Pedigree it is no surprise).

Savannah is enjoying her work..... likes to work and shows real RDI trainingpotentials. It needs a lightweight palm and is susceptible to auxiliaries. This is a very fashionable, stylish black/brown filly (now gelding) by the breathtaking freestyle sire! Fharaoh's mother, Fevrier by Fabriano, is a gifted, loving filly who passed the third stage with her AA holder before she was raised due to a hanging sore.

Fharaoh's father, Freestyle, needs little show. A 17hhh freestyle horse with an excellent temper and an excellent temper. 1998 Freestyle was appointed at the Westphalian Stud Licensing as one of the stallions of Westphalia. The Bakarah WS is a very female Hannoverian filly by Buckingham (Bordeaux/Rousseau) out of our import ing EE Hannoverian dam Photogenic WS (Floriscount/Warkant).

You' re gonna get this filly as far as you can! This is a good chance to get the horse of your dream.... with a level that would be welcome in any breed-programme. He is an exiting horse from tried and tested GP-dressings, with a shot of show jumper in the third line for more sportiness and kick.

In 2013 Hamira won the annual hunting section at her CHPN inspectorate and subsequently became North American annual hunting champion in 2013. Hamira's father, Sir Sinclair, is one of the most productive stallions of RDI-dressers in the world. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 he was placed first by the USEF as a stallion for young stallions and was honoured with the Keur-Predicate by the German Kennel Club (KWPN).

He would make an outstanding rider for hunting or training. It is an astonishing young jumping perspective with the right ingredients for a great career in sports. He is catlike, even, smart, sporty and a great guy. It is quite verdant because it was treated minimal before importing, but it is a real top perspective for the futurolog.

Three Quaterback mares out of a Rubinstein filly. It has been successfully passed the third stage with grades up to 72% and is prepared for the PSG. Beginning to train some of the Grand Prix, she shows great ability for flying and passing. It' slightly forward and easy to hold.

She is a 5 year old filly by Christ out of a Don Principe filly. It trains all moves of the second stage and has begun playing with half passports and changing schools. It is easy to handle, forward and easy to handle. It can' t be said enough about this stallion; Mustang is astonishingly sporty in every ring.

The owner is a FIE-drestrider and therefore has a great shallow base. Popeye K's top hunters or Derby brochure! Beautiful mare foal with extraordinary temper by the famous Popeye K. She is 3 years old from April and should have no problems to follow her sisters.

3-hands warm-blooded mares Thoroughbred with lots of motion and temper. This is a beautiful filly with a promising career. Pictures of fillies, mother and father. Lovin' this filly and w.... A sporty gelding, who is currently at 17hhh with 3 years. He is sired by a Trakehner/TB Sporthorse, which goes back to the excellent youngster Salut, and his mother is a Hanoverian/TB of the show jumper Gigolo from the famous Gotthard line.

Featuring a large amount of wholebred, this youth should be a great contender for a horseman looking for a higher mounted without too much mass, but a shot more motion and a leap out of his warm-blooded line will give Bobby a head start.

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