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Inexpensive Western saddles

Article can be seen at Double C Western Supply in Elizabethton, TN. For sale: Western saddles in all styles and sizes. Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of the Billy Royal Western Show saddles at Schneiders. The Dale Chavez Copper Rio Show Saddle. We' ve got everything you need for the day at the fair, from great boots at reasonable prices to chaps, western saddles and tacks.

Royal Billy Western Show Saddles - Schneider's

The Billy Royal is known worldwide for its first-class saddles. They are well poised to give the horseman more convenience and shape while providing a feeling of intimate touch for the final communications between him/her. The saddles are handmade from high grade skins, made to measure wood, with raw skin covered wood and handmadesterlingsilver.

These beautiful saddles feature a tight fitting, an easily replaceable front wing, a well-balanced, hand-padded fit, a flexible front wing for a fractured feeling and mounted stirrups-hoobbles. The Billy Royal saddles are available in the classical wickerwork or basketwork designs or a combined wickerwork and flower design, RCA ring in high-grade steal, 92.5 per cent handmade stereo silversilver plates, carved decorative trims in classical scrolling design with wire edging and dark brown calfskin or embossed diamond with clear inlays, silvery knob and bugle, exalted details, lifelong guarantee on individual tree and full-grade quarter-rod.

The Billy Royal saddles are as stylish and comfy as their grown-up saddles. These have the same characteristics of power and styling and are handmade by experienced craftsmen. The saddles have hand-engraved, silver-plated Concho and RCA ring, upholstered and moulded leather buckle seat, a tight cut-out, pre-turned flexible wings, fixed stirrups and much more.

As well as the finest saddles, we have Billy Royal Sterling Silver Show hangers, Dura-Tech Western saddlebags and Ultra fabric to keep your staples in perfect condition.

Womens & Girl Western Show Pants

Buy the top stamps in trousers for less money at Mary's Tack & Feed. We have top labels like Amateur Horses in size for ladies and gals. Our guaranteed prize means you know you'll be enjoying our daily low prizes on beautiful tournament trousers. Both are available in our designers western show trousers range.

Select hem trousers or uninhibited trousers for ladies to create an individual length and shape. Our trousers are traditionally made and modern models, all made of breatheable materials that help keep warmth away from the human being. This is a super-durable girls' show trousers made to slip directly under your western Chapfrog.

Combine your inexpensive show ring trousers with our beautiful, sturdy show ring tshirts, tuning and breeches. Womens Western Jersey Collections stand for America's top labels and high quality craft. There are also western jackets for youngsters. Party after the show with our horses lovers, collars and other horse-related jewellery.

Protect your show trousers, show shorts and accessoires on the go by keeping them in our dress pockets, sea sacks, shoe pockets and panniers. We' ve got everything you need for the trade fair days, from great shoes at reasonable rates to caps, western saddles and tacks. With the Mary's Staple & Feed wooden emblem, our range of bristles has become a collector's item for equestrian enthusiasts.

Congratulations to another equestrian enthusiast with a logotype hairbrush for brushing hats or caring for horses. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to be informed about rebates and promotions for Westerners.

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