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The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, Chicks Beduino. The Three Chicks Routes - AQHA Champion Three-chick....

. Excerpts from the books "Speed and the Quarter Horse: a Shipment of Sprinters" by Three Bar (TB) and Chicado V (by Chicaro Bill), Three Chicks could be said to have been born under the banner of the Silver Spoon. Breeder of Frank Vessels in Los Alamitos, a bay filly from 1959, he had a passion for him from the very first moment Vesselsâ decided to start breeding from AAAT Chicado V to Sid Vailâ??s.

Chicagoado V. was a good shot when she went paralyzed so as never to run away again. Nearby, as I remember, she manufactured five top AAA Sprinter as well as several AAAâ?? and a father who never put a single foot on a trail â?" Triple Chick. This is exactly where we dealt with this top AAA champion â?" this do-it-allhorse, Three Chicks, certainly one of her best boys.

Three Chicks has definitely come home as a father. AAA or AAAT, his 54 qualifying tournaments in Rome (January 1970), his children have won more than 430,000 dollars in direct competitions and accumulated 385 Halters points and 20 work points in the show ring.

Some of his most impressing tracks are Le Etta Chicks (AAAT with commitment), Miss Three Wars (AAAT with commitment) and the AAAT All America Champion Three Ohâ??s, who made his father the moneymakerâ? ?s top father in 1968. Several of the broodmares that have come to his farm are Moon Dial (AAA), Oh My Oh (mother of Three Ohâ??s), Rose of Diamond (AAAT), Miss Leo War (mother of Miss Three Wars), Leoâ??s Countess (AAA), Miss Leotoe Bars (AAA),

There were a few other good and many unfamiliar hopes â?" good moms are also needed. Chicksâ?? first three cultures to go on the trail had last earn $433,799, the Travis Ranch ad has been more smugly the compared to the first three offspring harvests of Go Man Go, Rocket Bar (TB), Moon Deck, Little Request (TB), Mr. Bar None, Triple Chick, Tonto Bars Gill, Sugar Bars, Don Bar and Chudejâ??s Black Gold.

However, one can criticizeâ??t for the fact that Paul Travisâ Three Chicks (standing in Norman, Oklahoma) is the only a live AAAT AQHA champion who produced a World Cup champion (1968) and a vault champion who came second in 1969 in the renaissance of this gold-richest of missions.

He was not the 4th main heir of 1969 earning races monies, 5th main heir of 1969 victories, 5th main heir of 1969 victories and 6nd on the leader sires of Money earner's lists (1949-1969). It is the eighth and by far the biggest of only 6 horsebooks by Nelson C. Nye, Quarter Horses Historicist and Westerner.

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