Chicks Saddlery Catalog

Chic's Saddlery Catalogue

Chic's discount saddlery: Who we are Chick's is America's best resource for Discount Mail Order Saddlery & horse gear. There are no gadgets, no FOB fees. A complete assortment of high class saddlery, a large selection of saddlery and saddlery, Australia saddlery and gear, equestrian gear, exercise aid, stall gear, care product, mosquito repellent, vitamin, medication and much more...

.all at the lowest price.

Chick's has always been an eco-conscious, "green" company. Warehouses and warehouses: We have our retailer and shipper at US Rt. 13 in Harrington, Delaware. Shop opening times are Tuesday - Saturday from 10 - 18 o'clock and on Sunday from 11 - 17 o'clock. The shop is closing on Mondays.

Third-party business and ad hoc order items: Some of the articles we catalog are stored and sent by the manufacturer. The system flags these positions as third-party business or ad hoc purchase orders. As a rule, these articles are dispatched within 3-4 workingdays from the placement of the order. As a rule, the tracing numbers for these articles are available one full workingday after delivery.

Due to the specificity of these orders, the article will be debited to your debit cardholder's account at the moment of your order. Dispatch: Shipment from our Harrington, Delaware stockroom. Whenever possible, we send with UPS or the United States Postal Service. Use this table to determine the delivery costs.

This table is for orders sent to any destination within Lower 48 United States. Forwarding and processing fees to destinations outside the Lower 48 United States are calculated at the carrier's public tariffs and depend on the volume and gravity of the consignment. When you place your order, the basket system calculates the prices.

Shipment all over the world. The delivery costs depend on the postage and the transport time. When you place your order, the basket system calculates the amount of your order. It is possible to select a delivery mode (and costs) before you enter the billing information. Whenever possible, we try to send parcels.

There are some jurisdictions where parcels may be limited in terms of sizes and cannot be sent by mail. It is not our responsibility to pay any custom duties. Returns must be in the same conditions as for shipping. Harness/Chick Supply, Inc.

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