Chicks Tack

Gosling tack

Which chick is going out with a crater face? Chick - totally stoned and crazy about chicks (1994) - Quotations All the bands release at least one fuckin' track so they can find out who the queers are! Tack: Which bitch is gonna want to go out with a crater face? Joe: Your face will clean up one of these days, and who knows, maybe you could hit a chicken with an ACN problems.

Tack: No pussycat chicks, I want chicks! We' re trading half the buds for the girls. Tack: and you tell us where the chicks are? Tack: This bullshit makes me a horc.

This is gonna take down six big, William Holden-style chicks. Tack: Joe: crap! Damn, man, another one. Hey, you ain't playing that bitch crap in the Blue Torpedo, man. Joe: It's Blue Oysterult. If it'?s the blue oyster worship, man.

It' a fanny-track! Joe: If it' B.O.C., how can it be Puss? Lemme' tell you something, each volume brings out at least one pissy track so they can find out who the queers are. It' a fanny-track! That'?s a pussysong, ain't it, fag? Tell me it's a snatch tune!

Okay, it's a snatch tune! Didn't I tell you it was a snatch tune? Since you got shot by a lasher at the Blue Oyster show, you've been behaving like a bitch! Tack: Joe: You' re his girls, from a technical point of view. BYUFFALO Chick #1: It's a celebration. Who' it gonna be, just you girls?

Yeah. Buffalo chicken #1: Yeah. THORNDYKE: Buffalo #2: Where are you going? Joe: Shit, man! Who the fuck are you gonna call her? You think too much pussy! No! Tack: You get your face punched in the arse for some fat womanizer? She was a great girl. Joe: It's still not good to deworm your girls, man.

We' got chicks! We fuck her in puppy fuckin' puppy fuckin' mum and dad. fifths of Jack just to take the spice, then we light the thick, burned bunny buds and let the girls all honk. Joe: Hubbs, man, we're just gonna do what we always do. We' re driving around like idiots, then we' re going to this stop-and-go place, man, eating Renaldo's burrito.

It'?s Tack. Tack: Tack, you shit! Tack: Hey, man, I got some chicks! Tack has some chicks? Tack: Man, why did you fuck with me? You' re spitting on my pal tack, man! You probably think I'm a true idiot. Hell, they used to call me "Dixie Cup" Dean.

Tack, what are you doing here, man? Tack: Tack: You probably think I'm a true idiot. Hell, they used to call me "Quick Dick," Dean. "You children probably think I'm a true idiot. Hell... they used to call me "Doggy Door" Dean. What will be so funny about seeing these two burnout boys get completely squandered and beat up my father's apartment?

Lanie: They're not gonna do that.

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