Children's Horse Jewelry

Horse jewellery for children

You can choose from bracelets, brooches, earrings, pendants, rings, children's jewellery, equestrian accessories and seasonal gifts. 925 Sterling Silver Horse Face Stud Earrings for Children: emblazonments

925 STARLING SIVVER 925 starling sivver - This high-quality set of pierced stereo gold-plated pierced gold-plated pierced gold-plated pierced gold-plated pierced ears is marked with the 925 hallmark. The 925er Sterlingsilver is made of 92,5% Silber and 7,5% Kupfer. It is added to stabilise the gold so that it retains its nice form.

NICKLE AND PEAK-FREE nickle and peak-free - Your enchanting horse rings are made without nickle and weight, making them safely suitable for young children with nickle and peak allergy. Adds this set of pierced jewelry to your beloved ones' jewellery collections and let them calm you down every single day. PORSE DESYMBOLISM - Symbolically for many a horse stands for liberty and mentally for inner forte.

A valuable present for the small, extraordinary person in your world. Purchase this item for your girl, grandchild, sister, nephew or best girlfriend and know that you have bought a present for every opportunity or show like Valentine's Eve, Easter, Holy Communion, promotion, Christmas, birthdays or a show.

GIFTPACKING - An unforgettable present packed in a classical dark silk bag for a beautiful present display and box. Made for a gal who loves a horse. Incl. silk bag for storing and beautiful present display. Find the right horse wristband for your horse type VBRA00013. Over Chuvora JewelryChuvora Jewelry is a Mystic Clothing label with seat in Palm Coast, Florida.

Jewellery CareWhile Chuvora jewelry items are engineered to last long, the right maintenance is an important part of preserving your jewelry looking it is best. Do not use your jewelry when washing or working with strong chemical substances, in swimming baths or spa facilities, or during workouts. Keep your jewellery one at a time so they don't scratch each other.

Keep your jewellery in storage with anti-tarnish stripes so that it always looks good. In order to wash your jewellery, use a hot soap solution and a gentle bristle cleaner - especially when polishing jewellery containing precious stones.

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