Children's Horse Themed Clothing

Theme clothing for children's horses

Riding clothes that really fit children, that last one ride after the other and are printed in colours and with horse themes, let girls express their love for ponies. Prayer for the world. Children riding clothes State-of-the-art materials such as Ice Fil keep children cold and out of the heat, while Polartec fleece-lined top and bottom keep them cosily warm indoors. You will find a line of kneepatch and full body trousers, shorts, tops, coats and waistcoats for training and show ring in colours and designs that women like to use outdoors.

Craft Horse Themed Powell presents, baby and toddler clothes, horsepresents.

Horses & Ponies Theme Gifts and Accessories: Backpack Pony Print, Pony Print Handbag, Pony Print Wallet, Pony Print round mirrors, Pony Print Lunchbag, Pony Print Melanie Set, .... Horses & ponies themed bed linen and decors: A pony bedspread, a pony pram blanket, a pony themed bedspread, a pony themed crib blanket,...

Horses & ponies themed clothing for babies & toddlers & children (1Y-7Y): horse print raincoat, print sweater, print jumpsuit, knit jumpsuit, knitted cardigan,... Our horse and bangs collections are "NEW" for autumn 2015. The Powell Craft company manufactures an excellent selection of handcrafted infant and infant clothing, pyjamas, bed linen and toy.

Backpack with gag and lid closure and rose inner liner. Purse printed purse with rose colored padded collar, zip and padded hem. Luncheon case with rose braided shoulder belt and silvery radiator-lined. Circular rose fringe printed mirrors. Embroidery on the back of a rectangular pillow with embroidery in the form of patches of red polkas and dots.

Patch-work and stitched quadratic trophies pillow, with reddish and whit polkado dots on the back. Upholstered and stitched round carrying case with bangs and stitching, metallic eyes and smooth cable pull. Colourful colored cloth bamboo with poney motives stitched on changing banners. Pyjamas patch work and bedspreads.

Ponypatchwork and stitched duvet. Striped baby carriage cover in rose and whites with crocheted flower motives and rose trimming. A bedspread with rose knitting, crocheted flower motives, rose and red stripes and rose ornamental strips. Showerproof rain coat made of PU fringe printing, fully padded with smooth terry cloth.

Showerproof PU shade in bangsign. Growth with ruched band and neck bordered in reddish. Overall with legs and collars. Long-sleeved suit with rose and stripes in whites, featuring a bangs theme, rose trim and colourful floral button. Striped hood top in rose and striped grey with embroidery on the front pockets, rose frill trim and colored floral button.

Striped baby carriage cover in rose and striped with ponies on the front and on the neck, rose frill trim and colourful floral studs. Striped sweater in rose and whites with poney motives, rose trim and colored floral knobs. Embroidered bedspread in rose with crocheted floral motives, rose and whites and pink trim.

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