Children's Horseback Riding Apparel

Riding clothes for children

Kids Horse Hoof Rain Boots. We have one of the BIGGEST selections of riding clothes and riding gear for hunters, show jumpers, dressage, eventing, sport and riding horses in stock. Kids can wear jodhpur boots with gaiters. Children's TuffRider breeches with navy contrast stitching. We have one of the BIGGEST selections of riding clothes and riding gear for hunters, show jumpers, dressage, eventing, sport and riding horses in stock.

Saddlery South Canterbury. High quality riding clothes & products.

The South Canterbury Saddlery has some great children's clothes from New Zealand and abroad. Includes Dublin, Little Sister, Giddyup Girl, USG and Horze. Finding news and presents for the riding kid can be difficult. There is a wide range of kids presents and new items are constantly being added.

Small Ponys often miss the sweet clothes and the turn!

About the pony patches

One shipment of riding clothes & accessories. Mostly saddle seat, but we also have a good choice of Western, Huntseat (hunting seat) and Road Silks. We' ve got tonnes of new and carefully used Habits / Day Suits, Day Coats, Formal Tuxedos and accessories from all leading riders like Frierson's, Marsha DeArriaga, The saddleseat Connection, Becker Brothers, DeRegnaucourt, LeCheval, Carl Meyers, Hawkewood / Linda Weber, Show Season and more.

At the beginning of 2014 we opened a new shop in 614 D Street, Suite A, South Charleston, WV and our shop is boomt! After 17 years of serving, our dear girlfriend Martha Pope of The Good Habit has retired from the horse riding industry for you and we are proud that she has chosen The Patchwork Pony to continue the traditions of serving her clients and senders.

We welcome you to The Patchwork Ponyfamiliy, if you are a former sender or client of The Good Habit. After 33 years of serving the saddle-sitting congregation, our good friends Nancy Odams, of The Saddlesat Association, chose to shut her door and asked us to take over her new stock, which we enthusiastically accepted.

Welcome The Saddleseat Association family and mail order companies to our store. Recently our long-time girlfriend Jennifer Junker at Show Case Tour chose to concentrate on the turnaround and asked us to take over her clothing store, which we would like to do. Wellcome to Show Case Pack senders and family.

We often go to shows, stables and regular shows, so it is possible that we are not in business at the indicated opening dates. We know as riders' mum and dad that the choice of riding clothes is a big choice that takes a lot of work.

Whether you need clothes for a new Academy horse, a robe or a custom for an A-rating show, or a formality for these stylish night courses, you've come to the right place. You can choose from the following saddle seat articles:

We would be pleased to present your goods in our shop if you have used carefully equestrian clothing that you would like to present. And we look forward to working with you. Happy birthday to our little girl Lexie Bragg, who helped her mare, The Muffin Man, achieve his champion rank.... "Forevermore, known as CH The Muffin Man...".

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