Children's Play Horse Jumps

Kids play-horse jumps

The Old Dominion Horse Jump Company has child sized horse jumps for sale in Virginia that are so much fun! It is a wonderful experience to watch the children run, jump and play. Genuine horse jumps for children and young people.

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Minispr√ľnge are bangs for 2-legged horses! Minispr√ľnge were initially created when the creator (for the third time) stumbled across a broomstick placed over a door opening by his daughters to make a leap! Since we don't want to steam the horse plays for the children and the associated practice, we have created the end result that you have tested here for over two years (who says horse plays are for children only!?) You can make horse jumps yourself, but it's a great deal of work, not as inexpensive as you think and probably won't work across all stages of our 2-legged jumps!

But if the wheather is too humid and thoughts turn to pull out the swinging horse, think about horse jumping instead - especially tiny jumps!...and even if the light is shining and your bangs refuse - let him see you do your little jumps and see if he has the notion!

It is a horse show that is not for the bangs, a horse show for children who don't have a horse, great to go on horseback, but it' not good in corners - get tiny jumps instead! Put on the saddlebait, put on the yodels and look at the horsepresent. Minisjumps are available on-line and at certain tournaments, when we think about showing up..... because quite honestly it's difficult to stop jumps over our minisprings!

"Only for children

So much pleasure with our child-sized horse jumps! It was developed to inspire young horse enthusiasts in a visual way! It is a wonderful adventure to watch the children run, leap and play. There are many kinds and style of horse jumps for purchase in Virginia. All of our children's size jumps comply with the same security and qualitiy requirements that are applied to every single item that is shipped.

Selling with Dapple Cups. There are also a range of jumps for smaller and more experienced stallions to find out more about our children's jumps in Virginia! Babies will like our sea water, rainbow and polca mushrooms!

The price includes the complete jumpset as shown.

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