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Couture Equine Kids Cara Long Sleeved Show Shirt. Horseback riding with Héart in search of funds She could have been selling the place she was raised on for a residential development." However, she and her daugther Barbara Gellner agreed that they would rather see their 130 hectare plot - a mixture of field and woodland and the untouched Wickecheoke Creek - as an open area.

" The New Jersey Conservation Foundation acquired the property at the Whiskey Lane and Boars Head Road in Delaware Township on August 14 with the help of several financing parties, among them the State Green Acres Program, Hunterdon County, Delaware Township, Franklin Township and the New Jersey Water Supply Authority.

It will be open to the general population for recreational activities, which include hikes, dogs and wildlife watching. "The New Jersey Conservation Foundation has been working for over 30 years to maintain the country along Wickecheoke Creek, a lovely part of New Jersey, and an important resource for providing potable water," said Michele S. Byers, the company's Chief Operating Officer.

Millner's folks purchased the estate in the 1920s after they visited local families and liked the area. "We swam in the stream and fished in the stream. "He was very free and clear. "Although Millner did not unfilmed on the concept for most of her person being, she same she and her female offspring photograph countenance at it residence.

Millner comprises three large farms, mix woodland and wooded wetland areas. Densely wooded woods and wetland areas such as those found on the site preserve the waters of Wickecheoke Creek, which joins the Delaware & Raritan Canal. Indigenous plant life such as May apple, fern, trout lily, iris and jack in the pulpit grows on the land, and there are few non-native invertebrates.

"We are delighted to be able to support Franklin and Delaware communities financially," said Martha Sullivan Sapp, Director of Green Acres. "Wickecheoke Creek praises all our partner for the protection of the important woods, farmland, wetlands and river corridors of Wickecheoke Creek for recreational and open-air use.

"The Hunterdon County is delighted to further assist the New Jersey Foundation's endeavors to preserve the country along Wickecheoke Creek and is grateful to the Millner familiy for their contributions to its preservation," said Freeholder Director J. Matthew Holt. "It is a way to preserve a brook, countryside and history through the collaboration of willing landholders, hard-working non-profit organizations and politicians," said Bob Hornby, Delaware Township Open Space Coordinator.

Mayor Craig Repmann of Franklin Township expressed his thanks to Millner and Gellner "for their generosity of mind in maintaining a nature reserve that will offer an inspiring getaway for Hunterdon people.

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