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Horsie Jen JR kids knee breeches and jodhpurs. R.J. Classics Childs Hampton Show Coat. The Bonart children's bassel polo shirt is one of the most popular children's shirts we offer.

Acht Great Rider Makeovers - Expert tips for horse grooming and riding

We asked whether you, our reader, wanted a horse makover in the 2006 edition of Everything for Horse and Horseider, in which we report on horse makover for the first time." Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers, who made the following gentlemen - and some of their stallions - very lucky.

Lazarski, 15, Bristol, Conn. A horse connection: Katie, who has been riding since she was seven years old, first took on her own Houdini family. As she got too big (Katie is 5'9" in her socks!), she showed various ponies in the Child Fighter at the Connecticut High Jumper Association and various C shows. Although Buddy is a handsome horse with great promise, he worked with Katie and her coach, Michele Goodrich from Well-a-Way Farm in Simsbury, Conn, for month.

to become a dependable and stable 3-foot horse capable of mastering hunting and riding lessons like a professional. Disbursement - Katie was in her last four shows champ or spare in child slayer. She is on a quest - to work as hard as possible to be successfull as a horseman and huntswoman on the "A"-switch.

But one thing she doesn't need is a pair of socks. Already she has great army ankle pants that go with her as if they were made to measure and have the necessary back zips like most "A" horsemen (a great Christmas present from her parents). "The thing I like about Buddy is that he's quiet and prudent; I always get to know him well, whether I'm riding him or dealing with him, and I always get feedback from veterinarians and blacksmiths about what a cute horse he is," Katie says.

A horse connection: Barbara's interest in horses developed with her daugther Katie, who started riding at the tender age of 7 (and is 15 today). Since then she has been Katie's driver, spiritual supporter, nursing, groom and of course her riding mum! "It is my aim to help my little girl with all her riding objectives, which are to get on the "A" track with her new horse Duxbury and her new 3-foot divisions," she says.

"Someday I hoped to be in the final of the ASPCA Maclay maintenance for Katie and Duxbury. "Challenges: Because Barbara is at every show and in the shed whenever Katie is, she needs clothes and shoes that meet the requirements. It is directly in the dirt or ices or dust, cleans your boot, removes Martingale for shallow courses, weaves your mane, wears a brush, a pick, fly sprays, hand cloths, whatever is necessary.

Barbara's top priorities have been to provide her with shoes that are comfortably worn in damp and slimy environments, that keep her foot safe from a ground foot, and that are painless for the many journeys to and from the trailers at shows. We' ve chosen Cavallo Horse and Rider (SRP $79.95) Creekstone ladies FLUME riding and paddock boots in soft grey cowhide and rider suede (SRP $79.95), which are easy to wash, light and have an integrated padded sole with gels for added support.

In order to get Barbara ready for the changing New England conditions, we chose Irideon's Plus Size Windpro 3-Season Breeches (SRP $119. 95) in Schwarz for it' snows hoe, winds hoe and sludge resistant and a smooth look in and out of the seat, and the Plus Size Supplex Thermal Turtleneck Sweater (SRP $54. 95), also in Irideon, in Eisblau, as a good layered blanket.

"She has worked incredibly hardworking with challenging training and riding plans. "Riding and performing is physical, mental and emotional. Victims are great, winters are chilly and requirements are great, but I wouldn't mind what riding has done for my own and our mother and our daughters," she says.

Primedia Equine Network (publisher of Everything for Horse and Rider). For the past eight years, Shelly and a Match & Mix associate have operated Equine Referral, a facility that finds new home and career opportunities for racing horse at the Penn National Race Track. A horse connection: The biggest part of Shellys live turns around horse - work, sports, even charity.

At a horse show he took part in, she ran into her man Kenny because he was told that "there are young women to meet"! Shelly and Kenny, a former racing horse racing horse instructor and horsewoman (( Jockey), have been marrying for 14 years and have a small ranch near Harrisburg. She ran with Reggie at a major exhibition of the National Barrel Horse Association at the New York State Fair in August 2006 and took the third of 145 submissions.

"It has more hearts and personalities than any other horse I have ever seen - it will remain in my world forever. The Classic Equine? is the focus when it comes to Reggie's legwear. The teen needs maximal cushioning and bondage control, provided by Classic Legacy Front and Hind Sport Boots in lilac (SRP $70/$74) and Dy No-Turn?

Bellboots also in lilac (SRP $25). Shelly says the classic Equine Boot/Accessoire Tote (SRP $27) in lilac is "really cool," as she usually has to struggle with horse racing shoes. The saddle pad with moulded core adapts to Reggie's back while retaining thickness and cushioning and minimising compression points (SRP $137); from Classic Equine in creme with lilac and dark grey.

Wears a Wrangler 20X Tulsa lowrise Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise stretch Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler 20X Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler 20X Tulsa low-rise Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler 34,99 Wrangler 34,99 lightweight sleeved Wrangler Wrangler 20X low-rise Wrangler Wransa sle sle sle sle sleeved Wrangler Wrangler Wrangler low-rise sleaw waist stretcher Wrangler 34,99 sh RRP. Your glove is Heritage Jackified Pro Air in 39.95 grade steel with " Cabretta Steel Cabretta " leathers, which increases gain of comfort and handle of the rein.

She' waitin' for her drawing, Shelly's gonna keep a little heat in a mountain horse? Head of printing for Horse & Rider and EQUUS (and Everything for Horse and Rider) publications. A horse connection: "Michelle says, Tia and I have been through a great deal together and she is more than just a horse to me.

She needs help moving from a glossy show look to a funky and secure (yet fashionable) trailer riding movement. "My mother and I used to go on weekends together when I was little and I recall that it was a great pleasure to spend a little bit of my freetime with my horse or fringe.

We had all days riding through dirt roads, pinewoods and a big bonfire after the day's ride. It is clear that she has a high standards of herself and her horse. Michelle and Tia were chosen for their classical good looks: first, a dark, regal, turquoise, pale bluish and sand-coloured "Zig-Zag" cabinet blanket (SRP $110) and a 3/8" outlined felt pad lining (SRP $26. 49), both from Toklat Originals.

To protect on the trails, we use Classic Equine Front and Rear CLS Legacy Boots (SRP $70/$74) to offer breathable assistance, and Dy No-Turn? to help protect the back of the boot. Bells Boots (SRP $25) also from Classic Equine. Classic Equine's Classic Equine Classic Touch Cinch (SRP $44.95) in hard rubber provides safe and comfortable handling. Michael wears a blue-green Wrangler Shortshirt (about $25 SRP) that matches the colours of her padded seat, which is surmounted by a light Mountain Horse?

The look is rounded off by a Circle Y Finalist wicker belted with embossed beams and dotted highlights, a three-piece Smith Brothers 39.95 SRP strap kit and gorgeously crafted Gary Gist Flower Spurs 109 SRP by Classic Equine. Amy works on a milk cow business during the summers and prepares and shows lineback milk cow at community fair to earn cash for the schools and encourage her horse use.

A horse connection: Amy has been on a horse since she was two years old under the direction of her grandma and great lady, and she has been on a horse since she was four years old. She studies in Equine Facilitated Therapeutics - and teaches handicapped kids to horseback riding. She relaxes with her two Arabs on the way during the holidays and trains her semi-arabic / semi-quarter horse for the Jägerring.

Amy' s aim is to make a name for herself in the Jägerring and establish a horse trade. Admired rider: "Challenges: With the school she has to afford, Amy is content with hand-me-downs and older riding clothes, although the fitting and styling won't help her shine in the show ring.

It needs a more pro look as it continues its careers in the horse world. Devon-Aire's nouvelle stretch jacket with classical dressmaking in vintage marine styling expands to provide a comfortable fitting when diving (SRP $115), as does the Riding Sports Low-Rise Side Jodhpurs (SRP $129.95). Flawless head-to-toe touch starts with the international ATH? ice cream ATH? boot in Schwarz ($179.95) and ends with Devon-Aires Nouvelle Zip-Up Field Boot (SRP $210).

Glove in dark (SRP $28.95) completes the series. In order to house the many different kinds of horse she is riding, Amy uses a Collegiate Convertible Alumni Close Kontakt Sattel (SRP $1.105), with its Easy-Change Gullet System that adapts to the horse's ankles. The horse will look best with a harness and harness that fits your horse's back.

As Kelly devotes all afternoon to dressing up in a professional uniform, getting together with customers and working on a computer, it's difficult to keep horse and horse in good form. A horse connection: She began riding when she was nine years old, and over the years she worked in various stables, in exchanges for instruction and a riding opportunity.

Her first horse, an older thoroughbred out of the cove, was a horse that did everything - hunting and jumping, combining education and horsework. Kelly purchased the ideal versatility horse when her dam was retiring, Just Plain Sterling, a 12-year-old thoroughbred/4 quarter horse gelding. "He' s an athlete and gifted and really made me want to go for the right rides and not take shortcuts in my riding and practice.

Admired rider: A grown-up ham with other commitments, Kelly finds it challenging to find the cash and amount of free riding space to achieve her riding objectives. Even when Kelly purchased Sterling, she got a horse in a different colour, and the match colours she used on the brown filly didn't work so well on the grey gelding. What was more, she had a horse in a different colour, and the match colours she used on the brown filly didn't work so well on the grey gelding. What did Kelly get?

It works in marine blue and silvery or pale grey, which looks good on both horse and horse. Stretch cord jodhpurs in a sleek Marine (SRP $84. 95) with a Radiance Riding Jersey (SRP $34. 95) in silvery silk, both by Irideon Riding Wear, carried under her maritime security jacket, are breatheable and move with Kelly as she and Sterling take the cross-country course.

Kelly uses as an aid harnesses blackened cowhide and Tom Thumb Prince of Wales from Toklat Originals and a blackened Toklat 27" broom (25,95 US$ SRP). Rounding off the image is a marine blue and silvery Tango Weave Shabracke (44.95 SRP), also made of Toklat. Sterling is equipped with Woof Wear's sports boots in $35 grade sports blacks (SRP $35) and overreach bell boots in $35 grade sports blacks (SRP $35) for off-road use.

A horse connection: The first time he was on a horse was at the tender age of two, and whenever he could go begging, rent or rob a friend's horse, he would ride as a youngster. At 22 she got her first horse and since then has been engaged in all facets of riding, travelling, voluntary work and horse play - from horse riding in the West and trails to training and hunter/jumper, but her special passion was stamina.

Valerie participated in long haul races and worked for several years as a veterinarian on the Old Dominion 100-Mile-Endurance Riding and boxing team for Valerie Kanavy before Valerie won her Gold Long haul Olympics Médal. Thereafter she hoped to be able to interact and help new horsemen to become secure and comfortable.

Above all, she would not be able to horseback or even have the power to take good good look at her horse. "Seems like a good destination, but some nights, when I get home, I am so exhausted that I creep into my beds and only agitate the next day - and in the next day I am playing with the horse and feeding.

Our aim was to give Marion a push - and nothing gives a horse man a faster chance to get a good grin than new riding apparel and horse wares. The mountain horse for her toes? Paddock boot 77,95 SPR in dark colour are perfect for hot, wet and wintry riding. That mountain horse?

Marion wears the Troxel All-Trails Sierra Helmet (129,95 SRP) made of brown buckskin and corduroy for the important protection of the skull. Tropical Rider's Legacy Pull-on closure in Schwarz (SRP $175) gives Marion a slimmer look in the back of the seat. A horse connection: When Melissa "went horse mad" when her eight year old grandparents took her with them for riding classes, she was very happy.

It had everything from Breyer breeds to horse motifs lipstick, lighting switch plates and linen. On the occasion of her thirteenth anniversary she got a dark Morgan gelding which she showed on the Morgan "A" switch. Ms. Bennett took part in the Morgan Youth of the Year contest, which tested general horse proficiency, horse judgement abilities, verbal presenting and riding or riding abilities, and won two state levels, one regionally, and qualifying and competing in the National Morgan Youth of the Year.

When she was 19 years old, while she was at the University of Connecticut, she purchased a horse - on loan. Although she finds riding trails along the beaches and mounds pleasant, Melissa wants to get back into the show. "That'?s the horse I want my children to study riding on! "To jump into a slippery, shallow Fuchsbahn nut with seemingly negatively shaped knuckle rollers is tantamount to running without a nut on a show horse," she added.

Starting from her passion for Rosa, we've put together a matching but funny look, looking for the locals sweater ring and a second, more traditionally look. Melissa wears a Radiance Riding Jersey (SRP $34. 95) in blacks and a Cadence Stretch-Cord Riding Breeches (SRP $84. 95) in blacks for a California sweater look, both by Irideon Riding Wear.

An Equine Couture (29,95 SRP) rose-coloured pale red cotton buckle with palms gives the centre a touch of spice. In order to keep Louie protected in these narrow curves, he wears Woof Wear's sports boots (SRP $35) in sports blacks and pinks, and Woof Wear's sports overreach boots (SRP $35), which also go well with Melissa's look.

Embroidered Schabracke is a Classic III Quilted Showpad in black and rose by Toklat Originals (SRP $54. 95) and the 26" lash (in pink!) is also by Toklat (SRP $24.49). An ATH ( TM ) Helmets with a rose glitter stripe (109,95 SRP) from International Riding Helmets completes the dark and rose theming.

It comes with glittering stripes in silvery, purple and rose that are easy to change. Your glove is Graphic Print Performance glove in Cheetah Graphic Leather by Heritage Glove (SRP $21.95), which is stretchy, easy to wash and has a good feel. Melissa wears a Devon-Aire Nouvelle stretched jacket in SRP $115 for a second, more lightweight alternative, with classical dressmaking and comfort stretching.

Your riding pants are the Nona Garson Knee Patch from Tropical Rider in cream (SRP $209). Manufactured from quadruple elastic microfibre weave, this side zipper has an excellent humidity transport function, perfectly for driving in the Californian heats. Melissa wears a Riding Sports? for a stylish and comfy top. 39,95 SPR Shortsleeve race top in red with rose trim.

Ensure that you get a seat that matches your horse. WeatherBeeta USA, Dover Saddlery, Classic Horse, Toklat Originals, Heritage Gloves, International Riding Helmets, Tropical Rider, Troxel, Wrangler, Outback Trading Company and Cavallo Horse & Rider. We thank Dover Saddlery, Equine Resources, French/West/Vaughn, Smith Brothers and Toklat Originals for their support in the project area.

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