Childrens Horse Stable

Kids Stable

KidsKraft Deluxe Stable Our goal is to show you exact information about our products. KidKraft Deluxe Stable is a cosy home for two happy ponies. With a height of 21 inch this is the ideal stable for the most famous horse toys makes. Comprising 16 accessories, this stable is conceived to accommodate a variety of game designs, making it simple to divide and research.

There are two closed-door barns to keep the horse comfortable. You can place a fencing outside the stable together with the supplied watering trough to give the horse a grazing area. Constructed from robust wooden materials for years of creative playing. After I was very satisfied with another of the companies equipment, I bought this one.

The assembly is simple, the parts were completely and very well processed. With it my daugther is playing together with her 3 year old brothers, and it is still in top form! I' ll be recommending this or any other KidsKraft brand. Thank you for the goodness! we had purchased another stable for Christmas for my little girl and she was so weak and always falls apart when she or one of her ponies touches her! we have kidkraft's huge mansion, so I decide to look and see if they also sell a cow. this shed is overwhelming.

I' m so happy we went in that hayloft! This is a stable we got for our six-year-old girl. She likes the way she is made so that it's really simple for my girl to be playing with a boyfriend. This stable was acquired for use with Barbie and fits perfectly!

The only thing I have to complain about is the wood bar to which the stable door is fixed, which is not very stable. It is great for Barbie ponies, American Girl and probably Barbies, but they haven't. Its nice, a good sized, hard enough to stick around and comes with some sweet accessoires too.

It was a present for my three kids aged 4, 3 and 1 So far it seems to be suitable for all three years. It' a great fit for our play room and on our moveables. There is also accommodation for different sized ponies and other livestock and puppets.

Four-year-old girl got this for Christmas and it was exactly what she wanted. This stable loves ponies and works for her big and small ponies. Purchased for our 3-year-old girl to run with her ponies! It was very simple to install and very well processed!

The 2 & 5 year olds are possessed by horses, and that was great for them at Christmas. Simple to assemble and they like it. Does a horse that has been developed for an 18" mannequin suit this model? There is a free restricted guarantee for most products. Guarantee of product: You have already bought your products?

You can add a maintenance plan within 30 workingdays after you make your order.

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