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King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arab" by Marguerite Henry. "For anyone who has ever dreamed of hearing the story of a horse" is the motto of this series. See more ideas about animal books, horse books and horse stories. It'?s a true story of loyalty in World War IAuthor: It grows to appreciate the farm as it clings to Samson, the horse left to it.

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Present list: "The " Midsight " is the perfect horse books for kids (and adults).

During this Christmas period, if a true horse riding experience is on your wish lists, visit the children's section in your bookshop. Asks for midnight. It has been years since I found a children's horse story that I could accept and praise with all my heart. Midnight and Molly would get along great.

Let's start this Review by reassuring anyone who feels reluctant to buy a novel about fighting for a kid. Whilst much of this is part of the Middle East campaigns of UK and Australia troops during World Wars I, the story is narrated through the lenses of the horse-man link, and the beautiful primitive-style illustration helps distract the granular reality of struggle or murder.

By the time the story ends, the kids will recall the relation between Midnight and Guy, their masters. You will be impressed by the end results of Guy's reluctance to part with his horse and their fate in one of the last winning horse racing tasks in the annals of the war.

Part of the reasons I liked this so much is that it is so far away from the USA and what we know about World War I horse-traditions, much of it is so nicely shown through the books, the game and the movie War Horse. At the heart of the story is Albert's desire to find his horse and take it home.

"Was Horse " is a beautiful piece of imaginary art, an allusion to the thousand English horse warriors who went to battle. Mitternacht is a real story. First we are confronted with horse rearing and horse rearing in New South Wales in Australia. Secondly, we are told that the Australia "Light Horse" regime of the troops consisted of men who voluntarily entered with their own or borrowed horse.

Thirdly, we are told that the vessels full of Aussie horseback on their way to the Middle East were on their way to Egypt, while the vessels full of troopers were going to Turkey to engage in the terrible Gallipoli war. With the cavalry survivors being reunited with the Aussie horse a few month later, there was no assurance that they would get their own rein.

Hardon was not mated with Midnight, and he had to look for her and beg to return her. As the Australians left to wander through the wilderness, the men knew that they had to take good care oftheir horse, which often walked for 36 hrs without running and had no grass to feed, but only massive maize.

Once the lightweight horse successfully jumped over the trenches of Beersheba, it went down in the annals of time as one of the best assembled of all. This attack would be the last for a horse and a horseman. However, how midnight and guy went down together is one of the most touching storylines in all histories - real and fiction - of combat ponies of all time.

Kids who know a little about the horse and its maintenance can find out more from this guide, such as the issues a horse would face if its seat was not removed for a whole weeks. The historic documentary tells how the midnight and Guy in the contest and how they beat the UK cavalrymen in three out of three riding competitions at the Desert Olympics during the preparation for the start.

A further motive for loving midnight is that it can give a parent or teacher the opportunity to put the present tension in the Middle East into context. It was the final aim of the Aussie troops to liberate Damascus, the capitol of the contested (then and now) Syria. The Midnight story is not just a children's story and not just a historic album.

And Midnight and Guy also lives on in Australia's gorgeous, award-winning documentaries on the country's Whale Pet Race, Great War Trees. Unfortunately, Haydon Stud recorded the drama of other members of Light Horse Haydon's Haydon dynasty who had to abandon their self-drawn horse in the wilderness at the end of the year.

Create a place on your bookshelf at midnight this Christmas time. In the Australian Stock Horse Society magazine, find out about the inspirational Midnight, the actual warhorse, and the creation of the children's story.

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