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Here you can buy riding pants for children, riding boots for children, cheap riding shirts, riding clothes for children and other riding equipment. RIA:. Horse equipment and accessories, riding clothes. Canoeing boots for children. The ultimate collection of children's riding clothes for lessons on horse shows.

Jodhpurs, tights, sun shirts, show coats, show shirts, hairbows.

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These two words have stuck to almost every riding apparel item out there. Do my pants really look better today than the pants I used to ride in as a teenager? So let's discuss technique - clothing technique! Thankfully, over the last 20+ years, design has taken over from other sportswear manufacturers and changed the show jacket business!

Today the materials are lightweight and chilly (hello hot and sunny in summer), elastic (won't break at the seam if you stay at the fence), soft, launderable (SAY-WHAT?!) and figure-flattering (no, this is not Lego riding on this horse). Every make has its own mixture of "comfort and performance", which is new:

When I was a child, I used to save in denim and half-chap. I was wearing school riding pants made of cumber, warm in summers, slightly spotted and always torn when I was on the track. Today I still spend most of my life wearing denim, but I have a few school pants that have certainly stood the test of the age.

KERRIT - are one of the best training makes out there, and their technologies have come a long way. Featured Show Breaches - Show Breaches have greatly enhanced. Light yet caressing TS Evolution offers 4-way stretching and NanoSphere tech rejects moisture, grime and oils in a natural way to make your riding pants look good and avoid washdowns.

Use the advantages of these new technology, whether for training or trade fairs. So what are you looking for in riding clothes? Shepherds - In our last diary we discussed the purchase of a teaching aid. You may have opted for something more traditional, such as a one K or IRH one.

So if your kid rides in a traditional dark helm - YAY, you can review this from your roster! First they make helmets. If you throw on a scarf, you will be saving a great deal of cash for lower school and beginners' training. Ask your child's riding teacher if this is an appropriate choice for the show you will be taking part in.

Secondly, you can choose a new, stylish, professionally -looking new, blackened one. And the good thing is that a number of children's hats are now equipped with an adjustable adjustment so that the hat can grow with your mind! Doing so should give you a better feeling about buying a show-helm. Hunting robes should be bought in a traditional colour.

Iodhpurs /Brees - In the beginners blogs we spoke about the purchase of real riding trousers, iodine or riding trousers with knees. As with the hat I said before, I wager that your child has chosen a funny, colourful riding trousers, because why not? Maybe you also ask - is my child wearing riding trousers or riding trousers - because there is a mismatch!

Riding trousers are suitable for small kids from approx. 12 years. Iodine have an elasticized stapes attached to the outside of the dock boots to keep the trousers down and are carried with iodine strap or garter cuffs. Riding trousers are carried by grown-ups and adolescents over 12 or 13 years.

The jodhpurs are fastened to the calves with hook and loop fasteners or elastics and must be carried in the show ring with high heels. However, if you are still not sure which riding styles are right for your kid, ask your riding teacher. Boot - Luck for you, your kid probably has a set of kayak shoes - what do they do for their schooling?

Leatherette or leatherette are suitable for riding trousers. When your baby is older and wears riding pants, you may need to buy a set of high heels if you do not already have them. There are a few more things to consider: At the fair your child's coat should be braided with ribbons or fastened with a net under the helme.

Please ask your riding teacher which one he prefers. The show look of your baby is rounded off by the use of dark riding shoes. Buy a matching couple at your favourite tattoo store. Garter should go with your child's pads (brown or black). When your iodine/trousers have straps, be sure to wear a dark green or dark colored leather sash.

Before buying showwear, please contact your riding teacher. You can have your child's preference or specification based on the show you are participating in. Makes your kid look pro without blowing up the bench!

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