Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horses for Sale

Rocky Mountain chocolate horses for sale

Selling Rocky Mountain horses. It has a natural gait and is a chocolate coloured Rocky Mountain/Tennessee Walker. afari is a beautiful chocolate yearling. He is entitled to registration as Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain. It has a rare genetic combination of silver spots and cream genes known as chocolate cream.

Horse for sale in Taylorsville, KY

Mary's Mountain Horses are borne and raised on the farm that belongs to Mary Lipginski, who also owns the farmhouse. Whitekeeping Oaks Farm specialises in the education and sale of high value mountain horses with gear. You' ll find that Mary's horses are chosen and raised for their spirit, variety, gait and dignity for the trails and showarenas.

Many of our horses have been rode many kilometres on the mountain ranges and paths of this area in order to put them to the test and enhance their variety, and... our horses have also performed well in the show ring. The United Mountain and Rocky Mountain Horse Show circuits are followed, where many horses from the Whispering Oaks Farm have found their way into the "Winner's Circle" and have been elected State, International and World Champion.

There are many nice premium horses, broodmares, foals as well as colts and colts on the estate, which all represent the typical characteristics of the mountain horse race. Mountain horses come in a wide range of colours such as Perlino, Chocolate, Creamless, Suede, Grey, Roans, Blue Roans, Chocolate Roans and more. Our horses and broodmares are hand-picked at White Living Farms to select the best with the best and grow the best.

Sky's on Fire has given birth to many wonderful horses in his brief pedigree years. We' ve added the "Rockies" (mountain horses) to our yard because of their stile, their elegance, their sweet-soft character and their lovely four-stroke-course. Almost swimming on a gang pony is the riding of life, but mountain horses do it best.

Freehold - Split-Ridge Farm Rocky Mountain Horses

The Safari is a lovely chocolate crop. She was photographed on 28.7.18. We' ll start her basic training soon - once she has learnt the basic Clinton Anderson basics, her cost will rise. SALES - to Ohio! Wonderful 5 year old Gelding, who began under horse back and is totally unshakeable on the way.

Overcomes every hindrance presented to him, a very relaxed youngster, and is simple to use. Mother: Big & pretty chocolate foal! Seven videos of his floor work downstairs - recorded on 17.9.4. Less than a year old in this movie, but close!) VIDEOCLIP OF THE BASIC WORK OF THE CAMPFIRE BELOW!!!!!!!!!! Sells to North Carolina - Congratulations to Mike & Family!

Beautiful chocolate crème filly. He made the preliminary work below on 17.9.4. In the following movie we show how he' s doing in practice, he' s just studying the concept and doing it great - many of them are presented on the first morning and you will see that he is very willing to try what he is asked to do.

Mother: 8-year-old chocolate mares (Ee, Aa, nZ). It' very cute, people-oriented, comes into your things, you can't run away from it. Lots of hiking kilometers, good with obstructions, weights, baths, neckties, good for the blacksmith, simple to use. Pretty low filly in the flock. Was used for horse training and a filly (with 2 chocolate foals).

Ease of use gal. Sells to South Illinois - Congratulations to Stan! Wonderful foal - beautiful processed, with natural gait and floor work is begun. Watch the following movie - it's a 20 minute workout that shows what this mare can do! PARMALEE PRACTICE VIDEOCLIP!

Sells to South Illinois - Congratulations to Stan! Mother: 11-year-old filly. This is the filly on which we accommodate our visitors and which my 14-year-old boy hikes. She' ll take good care of you on the way and will also get up and go if you ask her.

For a few pics click here Update: added movie to her photosite6/8/16! Mother: This 13-year-old stud is for sale. SALES - to Indiana! Excellent foal out of our McGuire's Ghost and Emdee's Silk Flashback.

Superbly kind, human-oriented fellow who was very courageous with everything that was tossed at him. Please click here for his NEW 5/25/15 vinyl photography gallery. Sell to Iowa!!!!! Sell to Ohio! Nice chocolate gem. Groundwork has begun! Please click here for your picture gallery. The 3 hh, 8-year-old filly is out of the Blue Angel (see below) and by the marvelous Owen's Choctaw.

The LD is licensed and certificated for breeding, good-natured, a reliable brood mare and has mileage and denied rides under her hoof. Excellent on the way - goes through and over everything you aim at, not creepy and purposeful - not too quick or too slowly, this gal is just right!

Please click HERE for your picture gallery. Split Ridge Merlot - Sells! Please click here for your photos. You can also visit our top facing page for images of this little girl! sell it! She is a true eye-catcher - everyone we see on the trails pays her a lot of congratulations!

6500$Click here for Maven's picture gallery! sold! The basic work has already started! Please click here for more images of her and your workout with her. A chocolate breeding filly - SOLD! A gentler filly with her race could not be desired. She feels very much at home when her folks capture her offspring while they are still young and spend the first lesson with you and the offspring while you are imprinting them.

Extremely permissive towards groups of persons and foreigners who deal with their baby. You can find more photos of her and her colts here. $5000 "Rock" is a Choco Dock (& Nuncio!) grandchild - under seat and great - we had him on the paths in Clark State Forest and Taylorsville Lake Park in Kentucky and he is a wonderfully gentle drive and carries everything.

A very relaxed person and simple to use. Marvelous exterior - look at this gorgeous rocky little skull! "After having owned him for a few month, she says: "You did train this very well, it's not creepy, quiet and gentle...good on the way.

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