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Sites in the category "Christian Magazines". Coming from Christianity Today, a magazine and website for the Christian woman who wants to love God more deeply and live fearlessly for His Kingdom. Christliche Zeitschriften | Christian women's & men's magazines If magazines are in the hand of the individual, they have an alternate to the saying of the word. By offering our magazines to their congregations, our ministries provide important up-to-date information and discernment to entire homes, communities, families, individual persons and government. Provides convenient, practice-oriented ways to maintain the mental fitness of members of the community in the midst of schools, sport, work, games, and more.

Empowers the parent to create powerful, pleasing to God relationships by concentrating on the needs of the whole baby from childbirth to old age. Providing information, encouraging and counselling in good time to family members who face the particular challenge and blessing of a parent. Enables empowered woman to evolve a journey with God on a day-to-day basis and to minister to Him in their houses, church and community.

Men's Worship Bulletin is a men's weekly month packed with handy ways to practice Bible truth and easy to put on a man's full diary. It is devoted to assisting pupils in developing these instruments in their life through everyday worship and emphasizing prayers and ministry. 28-page month-long devotion to help children 4-7 years old begin a day with God in His Word.

It is a month-long devotion that occupies children between the age of 7-10 years and fosters the activities of Bible study and the practice of God. It has been shown that the amount of Bible study one spends having more influence on one' s mental development and maturation than any other mental science, but only 19% of church-goers study the Bible every day.

Place your order quarterly (you will get three editions per month by mail) and get 60% off! The ordering of periodicals is easy through the municipal regulations.

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Afraid to browse Hollywood magazines and magazines that have nothing to do with your Christian realities in today's underworld? Wouldn't you rather hear inspirational tales, Christian views of the underworld, useful Bible counsel on buying, being a parent, cooking, and just about anything to do with Christianity?

View these journals from my favorites lists in on-line and print Christian journals. Today Christianity is one of the foremost Christian journals, available both on-line and in print. It is a beloved book that reports on global, domestic, foreign, ecclesiastical and ministerial affairs. Get hands-on guidance on every facet of Christian living, from entertaining to grocery stores, parenthood and wedding resource, helping to select colleges and seminars, fellowship leaders, and preaching aides.

Christianity today will never run out of books for you. RIELEVANT is a two-month lifestyles publication focusing on beliefs, lives and cultures. RIELEVANT is aimed at 20 persons who are impassioned by God, spirit and the environment in which they inhabit. We are just a group of individuals like you who ask question, make the most of our lives, seek God, have a good time, try to get to know others and influence the rest of the planet.

That'?s what the mag says. "RELEVANT can be subscribed to either on-line or in printed form. The Charisma is one of the world' s premier magazines for Spirit-filled Christians, providing inspirational stories, periodical collections of well-known ministers and educators, church bulletins and Christian fellowship messages, all from a chartistic point of view. The Bible Study Magazin is a new, expanding printed publication for Christians who want to immerse themselves in the Word of God.

The Library Journal selected Bible Study Magazine as one of the 10 best magazines published in 2008. Provided sixx a year by the Logos Bible Software editors, this book provides Bible studies resources and methodologies, as well as insight from distinguished Bible educators, faculty, historians, archeologists, and others.

Maybe is better tailored to your needs if Hollywood magazines and magazines just don't relieve you of it. is a Leadership Journal and Christianity Today International Resource aimed at empowering and empowering Christian Christian woman to fulfil God's vocation to her life. Every monthly, members of get a monthly electronic publication that highlights an influential Christian lady as well as religious and hands-on instruments, Bible study and other ressources to challenging female believers in their ministry.

Bi-weekly edition of Weltnachrichten, Weltnachrichten, gives you bi-weekly global reports dedicated to covering and illuminating the messages from a Bible viewpoint, focusing on histories that are often under- or mis-reported by other more prominently reported press. It appears 26 issues a year, with colour photos covering local and foreign histories of particular relevance to Christians.

You' ll find lead articles and commentary, culture analyses, film and TV review, books and musical review, as well as commercial, private financial, charitable, education, sport, tech, lifestyle and healthcare. The CCM Magazine contains everything you need to keep up with today's Christian musicality. They can also hear sounds, review, visit bulletin boards, get information about tours and concerts, learn about specific artistic characteristics, and search for Christian sounds.

Guidepost' has been providing Christian readership with inspirations and direction for more than 60 years. It is the journal's goal to "help individuals from all areas of our existence to fully realize their full individual and collective potentials. "Good news reports and essays from ordinary folk and well-known personalities will help our readership develop a practical and energetic growth in their day-to-day lives.

More than ever, Christians are interested in uncovering the historic facts of the Christian belief. The Christian History & Biography journal provides extensively searched annals of the human beings and incidents that have marked the intriguing voyage of Christianity over time. Detailed, informational essays, graphs, illustrations, time lines and cards all contribute to tracing the origins of Christianity.

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