Christmas Gift Ideas for a Horse Lover

Ideas for Christmas presents for a horse lover

It is time to create these lists and check them twice. As the Christmas season approaches, it's time to start giving gifts to your family and friends. Continue reading to see just a few selected ideas for your beloved horse lover. I would put on a Super Cool Horse Dad unisex T-shirt. Riders love unique and high quality rides.

Horsenista's Christmas List, Part II: 10 gift ideas for the horse lover who has (almost) everything

Xmas is neighing, uh, almost! Below are a few things HN's Equity Style Editors Horsenista wants to find under the canopy. They are by far the most elegant and watertight raincover I have ever seen. The back of the cloak is specially designed to give the whole back and nut a big look, but still buttoned at the midsection.

Rafalca is available in special colours - Team USA Olympics Rafalca has been sighted in Rafalca colours Rafalca is available in Rafalca colours Rafalca is available in Team USA Olympics colours USA Olympics Rafalca in Rafalca colours Rafalca red, white and blue. It is described on the manufacturer's website as "a multi-purpose semi-trailer with built-in assembly unit and wet/dry compartment". There comes in a color scheme for each person.

Loving these fully adjustable sashes. I' m rocking lemon grass with a king claw, but I' m looking at the iris. Let's face it, Dubarry is the Jimmy Choo shoe of the riding community. And I also adore the Dubarry-liner for a little fake-skin whistle. Combine your Dubarry Liner with your Annabel Brocks-Headwarmer!

And I also adore their Sherpa Fleece Line Hoodies. Both of these are from County Equestrian Jewellers in the UK, but the possibilities are limitless. More ideas can be found in Horsenista's Pinterest!

Nationwide: Ideas for Christmas presents for the horse lover

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X-Mas Gift Ideas For Horse Enthusiasts

Here is a great Christmas gift for the horse lover in your life: The horsewhisper Monty Roberts has written two children's literature, the profits of which go to non-profit organisations. The Little American Mustang and I'm Shy Boy have been nominated by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) to support Mustang through the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

I' m Shy Boy is the history of Monty Roberts' Needang accompanist, starting before he was adopted. Its history begins in the Nevada hills, where Shy Boy was bred in a flock of savage horsemen. FOR 3 to 8 YEAR OLDS: The Little American mustang - Built on the real history of Shy Boy, the fierce US model who learnt to rely on people through his Adoptions by the New York Times bestselling writer and world-renowned horse coach Monty Roberts.

The book is full of living illustration and from the point of the horse's point of views, just like the initial Black Beauty tale. The Shy Boy storyline will show a kid what a horse and a person can teach from each other when it comes to friendliness and confidence. The Little American Mustang shows kids how much pleasure can be had by horse and human.

Youngsters from 3 to 8 years to discover the adventure with the sight of a lucky horse. Mustang Heritage Foundation is a non-profit, non-profit making corporation committed to helping facilitate the adoption of America's surplus Mustang and Donkey. Established in 2001, its role is to support the National Wild Horse and Burro Program of the Bureau of Land Management and to raise the number of auctions.

He donates $1 from the sales of each of his books to the world.

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