Christmas Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Ideas for Christmas presents for horse lovers

Brushes for horses are always a good idea for horse people. There are many horse lovers who are happy to provide you with a list of horse articles and gift ideas they would like to find under the tree. Though think outside the box this year, the Kensington grooming glove is the perfect Christmas gift for any horse owner.

Take advantage of these gift ideas to start your purchase.

It' s giving away, and the journal employees made referrals for their horse-loving mates. Gimme them a QHO voucher! All the horse lovers I need to ship presents to get something from SmartPak. Christmas peppermints and/or buckets with unusual horse delicacies are standby, and then the recipients' adresses are stored on-line for later use.

Two years ago, my grandma, Bonnie Christiansen, gave me one of the best Christmas presents of all time - a USRider-member. Traveling to horse shows reassures me that I have this road support map in my pocket. If Gramma hadn't hit me already, I'd say it was my Christmas present for everyone.

Hopefully Grama got this extension by post, too. I' m taking pictures of every horse and decorating an article on It has all kinds of gift items, from cups, notebook computers to decorations and smart phone bags.

Christmas presents in every price category

Under $25: White Horse GiftsThe Arctic White is free of aggressive chemical and uses naturally cleansing agents based on coconuts to improve the coat's dullness. It can be used at full power or thinned and works best when rubbed into the horse's fur; $14; The Outfitters' Over the Calf Printed MERINO wool peddies blend the styles of their classic stockings with pure terry woollen to keep your foot warmed up.

Mercury wools have inherent moisture-transporting qualities that wick away perspiration from the face. Upholstered base also contains opti-dry yarn to speed up the yarn's wickability. Whether it's nursing accidents, horse show problems or fox hunting embarrassment, experience all your favourite times at Thelwell. They are a great gift for a horse enthusiast or a kid who can identify all too well with the young riders' storytelling.

Angles à cheval, Une jambe à chaque coin et Académie d'équitation ; 352 Seiten ; $15. 95 ; SNUGGGLE UP Against the ColdAriat's Snug Cable Snarf comes with a winters lightweight fabric with luxuriant pom. Keep snug and cosy with this shawl that blends style and functionality. Available in two different colours, this cuddly shawl will keep you classy on cool winters.

The stretchy Alexis Tech Glove from Mountain Horse blends convenience and longevity. Obtainable in monochrome or canvas; small extra-large dimensions; $40; Zero print, no problemThe award-winning Airform Humane dressage harness from Ovation has a uniquely V-shaped strap system that balances the print all around. A rubber band at both ends provides an easily adjusted fitting and relieves the horse's strain during movement.

Obtainable in ebony; 18-28 size; $39.95; Sandy's Pick: A Faster Alternative to CurryingI tried HandsOn Gloves for the first Glove in early spring and was excited to see how they were helping my horse remove the thin hairs from his fur and remove the mud from his fur. The use of two mittens instead of just one harrow accelerates the cleaning process while I am still doing a thorough work and I can bypass the outlines of my horse's face and feet very well.

It can also be used as an alternate for sponges when your horse is swimming, which will clean it clean itself or you can clean it in the washing machines and put it up to drying. Available in pair; small to supersize and small size; $25; Safe- StylePerri's Leather Betas and Soft Safety Holders combine strong and light weight terry cloth and soft terry cloth for the horse's comforts.

Horse or oversized; black/lime, black/purple, black/royal, black/turquoise, black/orange, black/pink, brown/hunter or brown/navy; $65. 95; SureFit? The SureFit? PerFit system has flexible belts that adapt to the driver's height and form. Roof linings reduce the smell and increase driving comforts. Five models available; small-large dimensions; $65.96;

BluesTredstep's colourful performance polo-shirt features a four-way elastic material for optimal fitting and comforts. It is available in hotspink, blue, green oder navy/red; size extra-small-extra-large; $59. 600-denier ribstop and Shires' Tempest Medium Weight Turnout Blanket has a robust shell that keeps your horse dry through cool winters and indoors.

In addition, the ceiling has dual hooks and eyelet buckles which, in combination with variable straps, ensure a safe and cosy seat. Size 57-84; Horse and Lamb; $81.99; Socks on Bridle StandThis handcrafted, made-to-measure 5-Up bridle stand from Horse Fare will save you room by putting halter and bridle cleanly in place.

Available in various pickles; Old Worl, Cherry, Special Valnut, Cordovan, Crown, Mahagony and White; $125; Give your beloved a present and help workhorses and mules. Every article is delivered with a gift voucher, which can be sent to the receiver by post or e-mail with a personal note.

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