Christmas Gift Ideas for Horse Riders

Ideas for Christmas presents for riders

Large bag for carrying riding equipment or a weekly shop. Mary's has rider jewelry and beauty bags, horse mugs, funny riding socks and much more. Part II will give you some ideas to get a junior or youth rider! They can add some Christmas chocolate to make the gift even sweeter. Each rider and horse lover should have at least one cup with horse print.

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finishings touches

Comprehensive care and cleaning. It' for the camps, for the horse shows, for the horse shows. This is our reversible case in a carrying bag. By the end of the morning.... with the things she can best show in her shed and on her horse. The best way to make your horse really shiny.

To all those mothers who prefer to be in the shed with you, we only have the presents. This is the official cross-country skiing and fencing show.....

Everything we want for Christmas

Santa Claus, that's what the Horse Rider's Journal staff would like for Christmas. Maybe some of those things, if it's not too much trouble? Here the Horse Rider's Journal staff lists some of the horse gifts they would like to unpack this week-end.

Two of my favorite things are united in this piece: the horse and Japan. Well, I could always use a vacation, especially when it comes to the horse. Perhaps galloping on the shore in Queensland, Australia isn't exactly a week-end trip, but it would definitely be a welcome Christmas present - you know, you get one of those six months later or so?

It doesn't have to be Australia either - to ride under Bonne on the Zapata Ranch in Colorado or to storm through the reed of the Okavango Delta in Botswana will also go well. I have been horseback ripping in Grandgestern since I was a teenager, always ordered with a lot of squeaking and excitement from Tattersall in Holte, Denmark, and I think it's true that it's true that these whiskey colored baby's come into my being.

Alessandro Albanese, an italien tailor, made clothing for Valentino and Ungaro and their riding gear is so stylish - handmade in Italy for Horseware. meters and meters of this gorgeous blue-green and ruby red 1948 Sanderson printing, please. Grown up in Russia, I disparaged these jewelry cartons as knick-knacks for other knick-knacks that were on sale to Red Square visitors.

Now I long for one, with a trolley on it..... looks as if it's mommy's turn to be there! It' such a beautiful way to get close to the horse statue.

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