Christmas Gifts for Horse Racing Lovers

X-Mas Gifts For Horse Racing Lovers

Versatile, medium sized bowl that can be used for a bottle coaster, a candy bowl or a great desk accessory. Hoorse-Racing Gifts- I don't know what a horse racing fan to get, here are a few great ideas. Race books, movies, shirts, hats and many other funny ideas. These prints are perfect for horse racing lovers! Co-operation between the racer and the horse is good.

Horseracing Gifts For The Horse Racing Fans In Your Lifestyle

You don't know what to bring to the horse racing aficionado? There are some great and funny gifts for every party. Collect all sorts of literature, journals, games, clothes, jewellery and more! Every horse racing enthusiast will love to receive a handicapped person handbook as a present to learn more about the game.

Perhaps you are the horse racing fan, why not increase your sportsmanship? There are many ways to place a horse racing wager. Get a handicapped horse racing manual to help someone you know or yourself. Are you looking for something else to find someone who loves the "sport of kings", the horse racing game?

Play a Kentucky Derby at your Kentucky Derby Fest, birthday or Christmas present. There is nothing to know about the sports to play these matches. Horseracing enthusiasts like horse racing equipment for the big event. They can buy a lovely Kentucky Derby necktie or a lovely Kentucky Derby night cap and dress up on racing days.

They can show their joy in sports everywhere. Gifts for the horse racing enthusiast in your lifetime. Let someone really appreciate the present and know you took the opportunity to find them something really unique. What about 4-pin goggles or a 12-inch bronce racing horse figure?

This is a present every horse gamer would like to get.

The Cosequin aftercare spotlight: Horse Racing News - A gift guide for thoroughbred enthusiasts

"Larson, who ordered the cup with the tattoon number and the name of her retiring race horse, says Rebecca Larson: "I adore the mirror image of the race horse meeting show horse on this cup by OTTB Outfitters. Finding the right present for a horse owner can be difficult (especially if the horse owner who makes the purchase is not horse-friendly).

When one ( (or more) of the folks you buy, rent, take classes or just enjoy thoroughbred off-piste, we have your present for you. Charity DonationsThere are many dignified charity organizations related to thoroughbred horses off the race course. When the horse you are buying for has received its horse from a horse adoptions organisation, consider making a contribution to this after care institution in their honour (or in the honour of their horse).

A lot of after-care organisations also distribute goods, such as clothing, saddles, jewelry and more, with the profits going to the organisation so that a present of a burned saddles ticks, shirts or caps, along with a notice that a contribution has been made in their name, could make a very useful give. When your horse does not come from an after-care organisation (or if you simply have no clue where your horse comes from), you can browse the Thoroughbred after-care Alliance accreditation lists to find one in the geographical area of the prospective donee (or you can make a contribution to the TAA where it is most needed).

They can also make a contribution to Old Friends, which looks after retired studs and other well-known (and not so famous) thoroughbred horses at dusk. Or you can always just Google "whole blood adoption" and the town or state in which they live to find some of the after care organisations in their area.

The retired Racehorse Project, which holds off-course presentations and workshops at horse shows throughout the entire state and carries out the yearly thoroughbred conversion, is a non-profit organisation founded on members. The organisation's Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine, clothing and other logos items rebates, reduced event ticket prices and much more are available to members. A further possibility for those interested in the promotion of thoroughbred off-piste sports ponies is a contribution to the TAKE2 programme, which only supports thoroughbred tests for hunters and show jumpers.

You can also use the Thoroughbred Incentive Program at the Jockey Club to sponsor a pure thoroughbred breed at a show in your area in honour of your favourite thoroughbred lover (or in honour of your favourite thoroughbred!). It is also a good way to make a contribution, especially for those who have a careers or one of these who one of these days aspire to a careers in the horse health industry.

When you or your family have been affected by the catastrophes this year, you can also consider making a donation to one of the organisations that are still working for the people affected by hurricanes, forest fires and so on. A number of prestigious organisations are the U.S. Equestrian's Disaster Relief Fund, Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, Thoroughbred Charities of America or RanchAid (the FEMA-appointed organisation involved in major livestock farming rehabilitation efforts).

Presents for the OTTB loverFor those who own Thoroughbred horses or are off-course riders, there is a certain amount of boast when you know that their horse was raised as an élite sportsman and probably runs some of the world's most famous blood lines through his heels. Probably your prospective receiver has spent a lot of his or her free will to help his or her thoroughbred redirect their sporting skills from racing to another game.

Etsy, an on-line e-commerce platform of stores specialising in handcrafted, small batches or other one-of-a-kind articles, is a great place to buy imaginative gifts for any occassion or speciality, and when it comes to thoroughbred, there are many choices to be made. Simply enter "whole blood" or "OTTB" in the searching box and you will receive several thousand different choices, many of which allow you to personalise the horse's present with the race name or the horse's Tattoo number.

Barnandb Bay - Individual bistro-style mug with tattoon number, Jockey Club name and stable name/nickname. Paddock - Order a paddock with the recipient's favourite colours; can be further customised with a race horse chart (or other riding disciplines such as show jumpers or horses for dressage), horse name/tattoo number, recipient's name or anything else you can imagine!

Custom OTTB " or with the initial of the receiver of the present, horse names/tattoon number, etc. can be used. There' are also a number of Thoroughbred related Facebook shops that offer fashionable OTTB clothing and wares. The OTTB Outfitters is one that has smart design on T-shirts and cups.

There is another possibility that may take a little more dig on your part, but well worth trying to track and order a winning figure from your gifts recipient's horse running days-if he or she were indeed a victor on the track. However, there are many other options that you can choose from. Go to and use the locator to find the horse with its race name entered in the Jockey Club.

Many full-blooded charitable organisations have offered goods for sale, as already stated, with the profits going to their organisation. The ReRun shop is selling reprints from the "Moneigh" range, which have been created by renowned horse painters. Others such as the Secretariat Center, New Vocations, MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and others have on-line stores with logos and merchandising.

There' seems to be no end to the present option for the thoroughbred lover in your being. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, her career focuses on the areas of equity, healthcare, corporate and non-profitsarketing. Ms. Wish is a member of the Make a Wish Foundation, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and the Retirement Project.

It is the nourishment resource for one canine, two females and two thoroughbred heifers. To subscribe to our day-to-day e-mail newsletters to stay informed about this and other news from the whole bloodstarchy.

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