Christmas presents for your Horse

Gifts for your horse

Don't look any further than our range of horse gifts for at home and outdoors, including books, DVDs, household goods, toys and more. When you have a horse lover in your life, it can be a challenge to find the right gift. When you have a horse lover in your life, it can be a challenge to find the right gift. Should you give your horse trainer a Christmas present (or Christmas greetings or holidays or whatever religion or non-religion you identify with)?

Horse-drawn guides: Things you can buy your horse for Christmas

It' only around the bend, but do you have something to offer your dear four-legged companions this year? And while you've purchased all your gifts for the whole house, what about your boyfriend in the barn? Now, don't be alarmed, we have a whole idea book just for your galopping mate.

The tiresome moments of care are over and the brush ing is over. The times when you use paintbrushes are over and it's Christmas, why not do something good for yourself? This rider's Jolly Apple does exactly what you think. How about a basic accessoire to make your horse look so glamourous?

They are the lamps on the horse's tails, designed by Sami Gros when his boyfriend and horse were struck by a road. Now this is really for the overnight horsemen, with advance security LEDs illumination system to light the horse to responsive intercourse. This is what you should buy, because here too not only you, but also your horse will benefit.

It can be placed on your horse's necklace or reins and is used to control many different areas of your horse's heath. They can show you your horse's heart rate, breathing function and horse tempe. It also allows you to track your workout and warns you even if your filly is about to be born!

Ideas for Christmas presents for your horse

There is no point torturing yourself over Christmas presents to get the most important buddy in your lifetime (of course your own Quarter Horse), especially if you have a home base of equestrian-lovers. This is Kayla (@bayroancowgirl) planning to blend shop with fun - Christmas biscuits..... and a kit of hidden items.

It' all about mint - Taylor (@triple.equine) gives a new mint, makes oats, peppermints and throws in some delicious cars. Eléanor (@_eleanoraaa) agrees - she goes all the way. Fergemma.2018 goes one step further - delicacy and a new chest cuff. Then there is Kaylyn (@kaylyn_beetle), a little woman after my own hearts - she gives "her horse" a pup and a used horse-suit.

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