Circle Saddlery

circular saddlery

The Circle S saddles are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Surprising Circle S Western Brand saddles. Beautiful looking premium leather saddle from Circle S! Winners Circle Team produces some of the best saddles in the UK. S Square Rock Barrel Style saddle.

Saddlery Circle S

The Circle S saddle is designed for long life. This saddle withstands the tough use, whether on the farm or in the stadium. The Circle S saddle is stylishly constructed with high grade leathers and robust wood. The Circle S saddle is available in the versions raping, barrels and show.

The Circle S is known for making long lasting rope tackles, and most rope tackles come with a guarantee, so you can safely investment in your new tack. You will find Circle S calipers in both adolescent and grown-up size. You can afford these calipers, but you don't have to be worried about the lower priced one.

There is a choice of either conventional saddle leathers or one of the lacquered leathers to show your personality.

Circle A is a range of saddle styles that are affordably priced, well formed and long-lasting.

Circle A is a range of saddle styles that are affordably priced, well formed and long-lasting. Circle A covers everything from the beloved running saddle to rope teams and more. Each Circle A saddle is MADE IN THE USA! If you would like to be informed by e-mail about dealers, special offers, rebates or new items, please enter your full name and e-mail to be added to our distribution system.

Handcrafted saddles from Great Britain

After more than 60 years of riding business knowledge, the Winners Circle staff has learned a lot about what we believe is the perfect rider for you and your horses. We' ve used our years of knowledge and competence to develop a line of tailor-made calipers that are both contemporary and adaptable.

Our high-qualified saddlers are an integrated part of Winners Circle and make all our seats by handmade. Every Winners Circle seat is one of a kind and is made to customer specification, part of the Winners Circle team's expertise. In addition to our classical British calipers, we also manufacture and deliver a number of American Show Saddles, among them saddle Bred, hiking horses and Morgan Saddles to Winners Circle Company of Tennessee and are offering their complete assortment of show saddles as well as a repair and conversion service at our factory in Walsall.

After having been lucky enough to be assisted by a very well-known rider about 5 years ago, I got to know John Peace, a rider who had worked for the firm for many years to learn the craft and acquire a great deal of saddlery work. Some years later John founded his own saddlery and Winners Circle UK Ltd was founded.

I' ve worked with John and his crew for some years, many of them visiting him as far as Essex and equipping my crew with astonishing made-to-measure horses. I' m very honored to be formally sponsor of Winners Circle Uk Ltd, for which I am very thankful and enthusiastic.

They are all made to order for each and every one of my horses and are tailored to my needs in color, detail and styling; one of them is now also used for the jumping seat, which in my opinion was originally called the "Essex" seat, but for some reason I believe John has now altered the name; I can't imagine why!

Knowing that many of my customers and customers are already fully conscious of the excellent workmanship and unsurpassed follow-up of John and his staff, but if there is anyone out here who hasn't yet learned of Winners Circle Uk Ltd., I ask you to review them when you are in the Walsall for a new seat made by a very experienced and respected saddler right from the saddler country's heartland, but at a very reasonable cost, then please visit their Facebook page or website.

Thanks a lot John for this incredible occasion.

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