Circle Y Endurance Saddle

The Circle Y endurance saddle

The Circle Y Flex2 saddle is well suited for trailer-racing. Saddle with adaptable tree, such as Circle Y Flex2 saddle, have become very much appreciated in recent years, reflecting the need for a light and sportier saddle that suits your sadd. The Circle Y Flex Lite saddle is designed to give the saddle a flexibility with a classic look and feeling.

Circle Y Flex Lite saddle boom is made of high strength polypropylene plastics and leathers to ensure versatility while maintaining structureal integrity. DURAhide is then applied to the Circle Y Flex Lite saddle pole to provide permanent wear-resistance. Knob and knob are made of wood so that the saddle is not squashed into the atrod.

For this reason, Circle Y Flexible Lite calipers are not made to bend outwards. Instead, the Circle Y Flexible Lite saddle pole is conceived in such a way that it flexes with the motion of the horse's shoulder and thighs. Once a rider turns or flexes his torso, a regular saddle pole made of wood remains stiff against the horse's motions.

Circle Y Flex2 saddle pole "gets out of the way". The Circle Y Flex2 saddle is equipped with a ½â Neopren rubbers as the lower part of the saddle rock for buffer. Circle Y Flex Lite saddle seats and wings are made of Circle Y's proprietary soft tea-green.

Soft tea leathers are produced by gluing two thin leathers together to produce leathers of normal thicknesses and strengths but with above-average flex. The soft tea leathers under the legs give the saddle the feeling that they have already shrunk in and help to minimise stress on knees and ankles. All in all the Circle Y Flex2 seems to suit a larger number of cats.

We' ve achieved outstanding results with these horses, which go well with our stallions, footing horses, gait horses and even the mule. Though not designed for abseiling or pulling, Circle Y Flex2 calipers can be used for most other sports or competitions. The Circle Y Flex2 saddle is light, easy to use, and convenient for horses and riders.

Note that it is not the same as the correct seat of the saddle, nor is it guaranteed. It is recommended that you make sure that the Circle Y Flex2 saddles' elasticity enhances a good saddle position. Circle Y Flex2 saddle boom cannot alter a poor seat.

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