Circle Y Synthetic Saddle

Synthetic saddle Circle Y

It is partly made of leather, partly of plastic. It is in very good condition. What is the value of a circle and synthetic?

What is the value of a circle and synthetic? I' m looking at a synthetic westernsaddle. It is partly made of plastic and partly of powder. How much would a Ballpark-Price be for this kind of saddle? but I don't think Circle Y makes them anymore.

I don't know about the prize, but I didn't know they ever made one. At a side comment, if someone was paying 800 for a synthetic saddle, I would only have a word to describe it.....DUMB. named Circle y and they weren't very helpful. You said they did the mid-1980s and they "certainly don't have the price" for which they were originally made.

Somehow strange, because I once phoned Tex Tan and the woman gave me the new prize for a saddle from 1990, she said that they have a supply of old catalogues to check the previous prices. One or two weeks ago I saw a Circle Y with corduroy-fender on horseback.

It was still good cowhide. For about $650 in those times, Circle Y's wholesale, and the Corduroy was probably less. Somebody on the fla pony plank had one (black, sixteen inches fit) for $300 or less recently. I had it as new (only dust from the warehouse) and I was selling it for $250.

I had it as new (only dust from the warehouse) and I was selling it for $250. I' ve made an offering of a little less than 250 on the saddle of my bike, but they have not accepted it. Cause I know that ebay/paypal are stealing some of the cash at the end, which makes bargaining the prize more complicated.

Well, I think these seats used to be sold for $699 or less. Even when new, they are slightly more expensive than Big Horn. The most of the hybrids I've seen are about $475 in good used form. Enter Big Horn and look at the calipers. The Big Horn is as good as the Circle Y.

Enter Big Horns and look at the backgauge. I have a big horns, but I'm not as impressive as it suits the horses. I' ve had a circle of leathers in the past and it was a great match. In the Alberta Forums, she presented herself under "Used saddles": "I would rather go gelding because I don't want a saddle that is emotional more complic.

Didn't need it, very lightweight saddle also had a punched steel/aluminum sheet under the front lefthand side, which Park and Trail w/serial "s. Could have had it for $150. And no I don't have a horsche in the race! Get out!

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