Circle Y Trail Saddle

Upholstery Circle Y Trail Saddle

High Horse Winchester Trail Saddle. The Circle Y Saddles, Inc. is America's leading saddle brand.

Round Y-Saddles

Last-chance weekend saddle sale ends this evening. Take advantage of the voucher TS3P for a rebate on everything else + Free saddle-shipment! Founded in 1960, Circle Y saddles is the premier saddler in the United States. The company began about 60 years ago in Yoakum, TX and still produces top of the range saddle products at the same site.

We' re proud to be a longtime #1 Circle Y saddle retailer and have a large stock of calipers. You are leaders in innovations and cutting-edge products. Flex2 Trail saddle has proved to be a very convenient saddle for your saddle and makes "hard to fit" saddle much simpler to mount.

If you have a question about our Circle Y of Yoakum top of the line saddle range product, call a saddle specialist at 1-866-880-2121.

Round Y Saddle

15 " chair, broad boom, Circle y Flexible 2 saddle, all bras parts inclusive the Blevins clasps, EBS stirrup, EBS stirrup, specially cushioned fit, low, secure fit, soft tea hide, upholstery in the coat for your..... About five years of trail-racing. Western Equitation Arabic Saddle. The Flex2 Trail Regular Silver:

14 " Circle Y saddle, in need of repairs, several places new sewn, glued on again, some rustling of leathers, see pictures, requests welcome. A used Circle Y Park and Trail saddle is for sale. Made in 1999, this saddle has a 16-inch saddle and half four-horseback.

This saddle is great..... Round Y Flex Lite Park and Trail saddle. Beautifully upholstered fit. It'?s very convenient. Equitation saddle. 15,5" seats. Suedeleather-Sit. Beautiful Circle Y Trail saddle, 16" fit, 26" length, 30#. We have two of them and you won't goof with them.

Basically it fits every stable and we have NEVER had a saddle or withered wounds. Beautiful Circle Y handcrafted perseverance saddle. Close-seamed, plain, upholstered insert,..... The saddle is in perfect state! 16 " Circle Y. Has the soft tea soft tanned leathers. 15" Older Circle Y Saddle with 6" Oesophagus.

The saddle is comfy and durable. Ultimate 16" Circle Y Roping Saddle. Comfy saddle in GREAT state.

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