Circle Y Trail Saddles for Sale

New Circle Y Trail Saddles for sale

Swayback Tacky Aztec Circle Y Contour Trail Pad. The Circle Y HH Mesquite Trail Saddle at Mary's is an affordable high horse walnut leather skirt saddle with elegant tools and classic style. This flagstaff is ideal for trail riding and offers additional safety when riding over rough terrain with the angled rear rigging. The Circle Y Carlsbad Med Tree Trail saddle.

The SMARTPAK EXCLUSIVE - Circle Y Alpine Rough-Out Trail Saddle

The SmartPak Exclusive Alpine Exclusive Alpine Cross Country Trail seat features stylish, pre-dyed, coarse, chocolaty colored leathers with top grained leathers on the jockey and mudguards. The tight grip rock is designed for more legrestrol, better grip and coaching, and the tunnel-rock pattern relieves spinal and waist aches. Unlike any trail semitrailer you already have in your saddlery!

The Circle Y Saddles is America's leading saddle brand. The Circle Y range of cutting-edge designs reflects the latest developments in modern designs and is technologically ahead of the game. In 1960 Circle Y began producing saddles in the small Texas city of Yoakum. Circle Y still produces high class saddles, which are connected with the legacy and traditions of the comany.

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Upholstery Circle Y HH Mesquite Trail Saddle - Westernsack

Circle Y's High Horse Mesquite Trail has a reduced tread and classical westerlydetail. Mesquite has a round coat, a doubly cushioned front compartment and lightweight stirrups. The trail rider will appreciate the advanced power and technique of this bike. This Mesquite has SiX set of clips and tees with cords and a tail strap so you can bind all your equipment effortless.

This is an in ski shirt type of adjustment that allows you to select the best riding posture for your rider. This Mesquite Trail nut from the High Horses collections is handmade by Circle Y saddlers in Yoakum, Texas. Mesquite has a ralid idea stand for firmness and longevity. Featuring the comforts and top craftsmanship that drivers want at a cost that makes these routes even more enjoyable.

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