Cleveland Bay Horse for Sale

The Cleveland Bay horse for sale

A pure bred CB colt for sale. The colt is a really good prospect for the future. Idle Hour Lions Share, a lovely and talented young Cleveland Bay stallion. There is always a nice selection of young Cleveland Bay sport horses for sale. The Lewis Stock Farm is a Cleveland Bay breeding farm specialising in the production of purebred Cleveland Bay horses.

Ownership of Cleveland Bay - Bella Vista Farm

Due to the rareness of the race, we believe that every Cleveland Bay horse is responsible for ensuring the survival of this amazing horse. The Bella Vista has assured that all Cleveland kittens will be recorded at the Breeding Board to make sure that the pedigree and Population Count entries are kept with the most accurate information.

Our aim is to bring the Cleveland horse to houses where they are well adapted and where new horse breeders can use the horse in a way that promotes the horse. It is preferable for a filly to go to a house where it can be raised and where at least several offspring can be used for breeding. The future houses in which the horse is rode, walked, shown and shown to the general public are supported.

The Cleveland Bay Mid-Atlantic Show Series, held by Cleveland Bay and rode at three shows a year here on the East Coast, and the Cleveland Bay Fox Hunt and Track Ride series are sponsored. An all Cleveland Bay is one that has been made by two all 100% Cleveland Bay parent and should be performed in the roles of CBS.

Bella Vista purebred breeds are either fully registrated or have applied for one. Cleveland Bays of pure breed have a pass and the property transition is followed by the CBS. While a partially reared Cleveland Bay is a horse that is part of Cleveland, one or both of its parent(s) are not 100% Cleveland Bay heir.

The Bella Vista is a great champion of the combination of Cleveland Bay and thoroughbred and warm-blooded horses to make unbelievable competitors who can compete at higher level. Bella Vista annually raises some partially cultivated Cleveland colts as well as pure.

Neighborhood Bay for sale

To sell She is a 3 Bay Cleveland Bay filly. Tried and tested breeding filly (foal on the farm), healthy,... Beautiful Bay Quarter horse Geldings for sale or leasing with purchase options. Beautiful chestnut filly by Perlino for a 2017 filly. Beautiful suckled deerskin gelding. He' s a good-looking filly, very tame and serene.

They are bred with my pearlino speckled stallion and I get the most uncommon colouring. Sables stained. On 15.03.2016 she had a female of deerskin and will only be prepared after weaning..... Beautiful little suede mare with a black-eyed. Well, Filly's off track....

The Taffy and Spur have a wonderful deerskin colt.

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