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Hand-made clothes in novelty prints. Once your arms from the curry combs and brushes are sufficiently worked out, make once with the cactus cloth over your horse. The shine of your horse is enhanced. Clotheshorse is a designer consignment warehouse in Birmingham, Alabama.

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What is a prick cloth and how does it help me to care for my horse?

Which is a shawl and how does it help me to care for my horse? That''s what prickly tissues are - tissues made of prickly pear fibres. This magical wipes are incredibly durable and can be used for a wide range of applications in and around your horse. Perhaps you know a shawl in the shape of a glove for your slipper.

On one side they are interwoven fibres of cactuses, on the other side a super-thin net. Initially the shawl is rather rough and rigid, if used several times it becomes softer. Or you can get a glove of candy cloth if you like. A few of my favourite applications for prickly pear cloths:

The wipes adapt to the horse's body so you can use them in undulating and clumpy places such as the hip and thighs. When your horse is very perspiring, you should also attach the tube. Capricot wipes are good for washing crispy foods if you are trapped without using any extra equipment.

Once your brushes and combs have been sufficiently worked out, make a rough cast of your horse with the canvas. The lustre of your horse is enhanced. Paint-balls, cacti. A few ponies get fluffs in their mane and the shawl will help to pick them up. Also, the structure of the cleansing tissue will help to eliminate unwanted debris and to distribute the product.

Stable helpers. With the shawl you can take away a large part of the unwanted skin. Capricot towels are also ideal for washing. Why did you use a shawl in the shed?

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