Clothes Horse Company

The Clothes Horse Company acquires Fellow Fit-Tech horse start-up clothing There is a full fitness technological environment with start-ups using everything from bodyscans and VMs to quality surveys in a quest to find the best way to get the dressing room environment on-line. It' s a young room, but when there will finally be a few big champions and a whole bunch of loosers, four-year-old has just increased his chances of dissolving the former - by buying one of his New York rivals, Clothes Horse, and thus a whole new technological team.

While all Clothes Horse personnel will continue to work during the transfer, the parties did not announce the conditions of the transaction. It is not clear what will be the founder's part; according to CEO James Gambrell, who entered the company in May, the next issue is how the two sides can be integrated.

It is his intention to involve the co-founders of Clothes Horse in making important business strategies, but he would like each of them to take on different roles within the company. There is also some uncertainty as to how the two brands will develop after the takeover., located in London, concentrates on the construction of online fittings rooms with custom sized animated panels.

Shakespeare Horse makes sizing suggestions by asking the wearer about their physical shape, the brand they like, and their shape. actually has a similar second level utility to Clothes Horse's, known as " Fits Advisor ", but it is less advanced than its graphic design approach. Clothes Horse co-founder Vik Venkatraman says he has seen no clear tendency in preferences based on pricing point or goal demographics; some makes only want to render to achieve their objectives, and some not.

It' a very good thing for to have two poducts in the spot - and possibly a full line up, a hybrids offer. The Clothes Horse also gives the decisive edge that it has in the US, a US where there is not much in favour of focussing on Europe, where its customers Thomas Pink and QVC.

At Clothes Horse's present customers, which includes Frank and Oak and Nicole Miller, they can still use the services they have had so far, but they now have the opportunity to test or a hybrids of the two if they want. Because the whole ClothesHorse crew will remain in place during the changeover, now has a New York based outfit.

"Gambrell believes we need talented people locally," says Gambrell about the company's US growth.

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