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Both SYNTHETIC and LEATHER for Show Driving, Combined Driving or Pleasure Driving We have a variety of harness to fit. Meeting CLYDE & JED, this is a very special couple from CLYDESDALE GELDINGS and they will also be a very special kind of owner. Because of the upcoming World Percheron and Clydesdale shows, we are looking for Trapeze for Clydesdale ads in the Horses & Ponies category.

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Please do not hesitate to ask us for a complete Harness assortment. Do you have any questions about the chest strap or neck strap? Is the horse standard horse or draft E height. Hi, I was surprised at the differences in prices between plastic and genuine plastic harness. I' ve got a 16h Clydesdale. Hi, Im looking for a harness for my bangs, but I really have problems to find a little one!

Who we are at L For Leather

I' m Brian Pinches, I've used Clydesdale for 20 years. O for leathers provided top of the line harness for large scale riding Harnesses, which I make using leathers and betas to make back strap, waist belt, waist belt, angle adjustment, rein, buckle, track, bar harness and a variety of heavier riding gear for the workhorse includes working neckbands and ham.

When manufacturing the harness I only use high-grade hinges and when manufacturing the different harness we use high-quality, plant tery and slightly chrome-plated leathers. I' m importing a variety of equestrian necklaces, among them customizable and stock necklaces, and African ham from the Amish in the United States.

As the necklaces are full with long rimmed rice straws, all our imported necklaces are gamma-blasted on arrival in Australia. Necklaces are designed for Aussie riding with additional chain and horse wears. I' m active in the Heritage Draught Horse Club, where I lead my horse to various shows around Victoria and NSW with a wide range of tools to show my Clydesdale horses:

It was my good fortune to be looked after by big ponies who gave me information. There is a lot of work I do with the animals, from plowing, sowing, harvesting to driving. With my Clydesdale ponies I use US collar and harness in a wide range of different outdoor pursuits, also for plowing; I use them on the rides I make up to 280 km at a single stroke over a 12 days span.

I' ll show you a number of devices, such as a Chandler shaving plow, a disc kit, a single-shell plow, a scraper, a feather plow, a sledge or a chute, according to where you are living. I' ve used both the stock and the customizable collar on the ponies. It is very useful because it allows you to go from plowing to carting to working in pairs without using completely different harness, because the harness has closures and stick loops that are part of the harness designs.

Can make harness for the following races of horses: Clydesdale, Percheron, SHIRR, Suffolkunch, draught or other big ponies. There is a well-equipped shop with four stitching units - a Cowboy 441, Adler 105 - a clicker to cut out forms of leathers, a sharpening unit, a beltcutter to cut stripes of leathers and a notcher.

Our production includes a wide variety of rein harness, backstraps, variable backstraps, wooden hobble harness, tracks, winking harness and other harness. Before you attend the workshops, please note that I may have to make an appointement with the riders.

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