Cob Size Driving Harness

Harness/Cob size

Beta Sport Harness with Euro Brollar Necklace COB or HORSE SIZE. This harness contains everything, the leather is double-layered and fits well. Aprons and accessories for Custom Carriage Driving. Piston size to small horse. I' m best acquainted with the beta type used in harnesses.

  • The strap has a movable back strap with regular wavebands.
  • The harness has a movable back strap with regular wavebands. This harness has a movable back strap with stock eyelets. This harness has a movable back strap with stock eyelets. This harness has a movable back strap with stock eyelets.



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Words'Preloved' are displayed under the brand name.

Measuring for trapeze

MEASUREMENT YOUR EQUINES FOR HARNESS: To ensure a proper fitting for your horse, please take the measurements and use the enclosed measurement chart to ensure correct measurement. Test your horse on a plane ground with a fabric scale. Plese use inch. Surveys are taken from the corners of the oral cavity through the survey, behind the ear to the other corners of the oral cavity.

The circumference is taken directly behind the forelegs, around the circumference. Measure the nose band about 1" or (1/2" for Mini) below the cheekbone. A headband is placed from behind one eye around the forehead to behind the other one. SIZES OF THE SIZE OF sizes of the size of the belt: While we do not believe that there is actually a "standard" measure for every horse, the table below is a fundamental guideline for determining the size of the harness.

Note that Comfyfit can supply you with the harness parts YOU need and the harness made for your horse according to the dimensions you specify. When you need a small chest cuff and drawstring, we can deliver it (but maybe you should take two readings - just in case)!

The default size for references is as follows: Collars (from the upper part of the throat over the withers to the lower part of the throat at the throat. Use a T-square if you have a yardstick or a yardstick. As one measures for a collar: You can use a shroud meter or two joiner rectangles (L-shaped rulers) or L-shaped carton cut-outs.

Wrap over the long sides of the two straightedges or cut-outs that look like a C or half a necklace. Put this on the pet as if it were one side of the necklace. Put it exactly where you want the necklace to be. Gently unscrew it so that the two parts do not slide and take measurements from top to bottom on the inside.

This will be your size. In order to define the form or the size of the slim fit for your new necklace, look at the front of your horse's neck:

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