Coconut Horse Feed

Kokosnuss horse feed

For those of you who now feed coconut oil to help your horses balance their thyroid, the oil is stable at both very hot and very cold temperatures. What makes you think you can feed coconut to your horse? Keeping horses in a cold position - keeping horses in a cold position

The Cool Stance is a high grade coconut snack made from the coconut's whites, which are dehydrated, cooked and milled. They are of guaranteed grade and are routine tests for aflatoxins. CoolStance coconut or coconut oils are full and contain a high content of medium chain fatty acids (MCT). That means it is very sturdy (not susceptible to rancidity) and can supply your horse with willing, non-glucose energies.

The majority of our stables enjoy the flavour of our Stance. High in high grade proteins, the oils can help to care for the fur. Only 11% NSC (sugar and starch), has a high proportion of easily digested calories. Chill Stance can help a horse with metabolism problems such as binding, hoof roe or irritable behaviour.

Offers high-density "cool" power from oils and easily digested fibre (1630 calories/lbs. DM). It is recommended to introduce cooling stance into your nutrition step by step over a 10-14 day time frame. He may be given in a compound feed with straw and/or other seeds and concentrate or only. It can be wetted into a must or given a feed without food, provided that a lot of safe potable drink able to be used is available (this way the horse can control the absorption of cooling stance and water).

At least three fold its own body mass of cooling fluid is absorbed by cooling fluid. Keep cold in a pail and put in 2 litres of boiling soda. You can soak the product for long periods of time because it contains only a low amount of sugars and NPC. A lot of horse lovers are preparing the dinner food after breakfast.

Keep in a clean, fresh and sheltered place from the sunlight. Coolly Stance must be combined with extra fibre such as straw and/or willow to make sure that the horse receives enough long fibre. Where possible, divide the horse's feed into 2 or 4 feedingstuffs per feed per day. Cold Stance has a 24 month expiration date from the date indicated on the bottom of the case.

For best results with the Stance Equine Feeding System: Take all cereals and cereal-based feeds out of the feed. Feeding Cool Stance Kopra at the speed advised, according to work or training level. Feeding a high-quality meadow fodder or willow to preserve the rest of the food. Make available new, unpolluted drinking water.

One good way to think about running is to ask, "Would I be drinking this? According to the ground, gras and hey profiles, you must feed your cool Stance with a carefully selected diet of nutrients and vitamins. The majority of the ground is too heavily polluted to supply the horse with sufficient nutrients and vitamines. Horse are conceived to consume little and often and usually browse 16-18 hrs a day.

Twice daily feed can lead to "insulin peaks" which can cause the horse to resist them. When it is not advisable to feed more than twice a day, feed the horse in a " slowly fed " net that will force the horse to feed on the grass for many long periods. Eliminate any goodies that contain sugars or starches.

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