Colorful Horse Halters

Colourful horse halter

The nylon halter is easy to clean and is available in many different colours. The Weaver and Walsh brands also offer individual colour and embroidery options. Colourful cotton lead ropes with Nickel Bull Snap. Solid Color cotton refill. It is also available in a variety of colours to look good on your horse!

Horse Color Collars

Rainbow Showman 3-layer horse holster with noseband! A NEW HORSE NECK!!!!! Rainbow Showman 3-layer horse holster with noseband! A NEW HORSE NECK! Nylons are very hot! It is a 3-layer ribbon holster with noseband adjustment, nickeled fabric and strengthened eyes to avoid stretch and tears.

High-quality security holster with coloured band on the nostrils and cheek. Manufactured from double-stitched, tear-resistant strap with brassy fittings. Showman® Navajo Diamant Bronze Holster. The holster has a broad bronze strap with multi-coloured Navajo diamonds. Nickelplated Nylons with eyes.

Ties dyestuff pattern with blue background accent holder. The best description of our "Equine Elite" halter line is our horse styling and riding comforts! Three layer dyed polyamide in a beautiful wetbow-colour! Equipped with nasal, crowns and larynx fasteners. Fittings made of bras. Horse in full height, 800-100 pounds. The best description of our Equine Elite leash is horse styling and riding comforts!

High-grade nickel-plated fittings for longevity in all meteorological situations and applications. The best description of our "High Fashion" leashes is horse styling and comforts! View all our great presents and special offers for all pet lovers: dogs, kittens, dogs, cats, ponies, wild animals, exotic animals and small animals!

Adjustable patterned nylon horse halter Weaver leather

Weaver' s making a great holster for the prize. Colours are vibrant, vibrant and crunchy. It is a bit fuzzy, but only up- close and not so poor that it is a diversion or a point of negation. It' s smooth inside; I don't like too rigid holsters and I don't think it is.

The smallest thing they are selling is a small horse or a large fring.

Halter for horses | Leash and halter

Horsehalters in colours and finishes with suitable linen are a must. Halter are essential for security and monitoring in every circumstance. Select from a range of synthetics with funny pattern and design with hot, fitting linen for a stylish look. Adapt your sturdy colours to the infinite combination of linen and holders in funny, colourful shades of polyamide and show off your own personal look with different forms and text.

Diamonds, glittering strass stones and metal rivets are just some of the ways to give your horse a hint of blend and sophistication. Select different colourful combination for occasional use in the shed or to go with your showwear. Select a holster with luxury padded neck or top for extra comforts.

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