Coloured Horse Tack

Colored horse tacks

Wellcome to Colour Me Up! The Sport Interchange Colour Piped headband is suitable for normal bridles or our Sport Bridles. Combine this product with other Sport Interchange. You can use this table to determine which colours are most flattering on your horse. Námìstí - Colored Sets - English Tack - Rider Products - Sales Products - Our Sponsored Riders - Terms and Conditions.

Colored horse equipment | Sydney NSW

Is it possible to give back my shopping? There are 14 working day to send an article back from the date you got it. It is very rare for a client to order the wrong sizes. When you are not sure which sizes to order, ask us about the sizes. Items must be sent back in their originals and packing to obtain an exchange/refund.

Or you can put a blanket or hand cloth under the valance to make sure it is the right-sized. Almost all of our clients have found that their product is suitable for the ordered basic sizes. In order to be considered for a refund, your product must be unworn and in the state in which youreceiving it.

FREE to most places in Australia with the colored kits. Shipment for other items begins at $10.00 AUD. For a surcharge we can also deliver by messenger service or by Australia Post. You are welcome to place your order for overseas deliveries and we will get in touch with you.

Usually we charge $45.00 AUD. Have a look at our page on FACEBOOKBOOK to see who they are and to use their first name as a rebate. The most orders are shipped 1-2 working day after your order. Orders placed by parcel and mail (courier service) are shipped within 5-7 working day.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible product at a good price and high throughput. Please contact us with all your queries and we will be happy to help you!

Create and disguise your bangs!

Create a horse! Put on your horse! Which color looks best on your horse? Please click here to select the colors of the bodies, manes and tails. Pull out the blank marks and stick them on your horse. Bridles and headpieces and headbands with bling: Anterior boot or wrapped polo: Hind Boats, Ski Boot or Pole Wraps:

Hoof shoes and boot with bells:

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