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Bridle comfort

You can forget everything you know about Bridle Fit. Padded Camelot Fancy Raised Bridle with laced reins. The Collegiate Comfort Crown Fancy Fancy Raised Bridle.

How the Tota system works

A study of the neural system and geometry of the horse's forehead in comparison to the straight line bridle designs in each of the disciplines shows the pressures and stresses exerted on the horse's face. Although it is an apparently simple approach, it took month of research and analyses to create a system of assistance and designing that works at such a high quality of work.

The comfort and fitting of this breakthrough staple pack will quickly become the new benchmark as the rider takes the helm. Tota Comfort nose band changes our riding style for youngsters. Nasal strap reduces the stress experienced by the horse from a conventional nasal strap on the chest and sides of the face.

It was originally designed to help a high-level youngster who suffered so much discomfort in his chosen area that it became increasingly harder to rein in and less and less willing to sit under the horse-riding. Following many visits to the veterinarian, the physicians advised the saddler Charles Tota to create a custom bridle designed to relieve the pains.

In the end, many mock-ups led to the development of the patent-pending Tota Comfort Noseband?

About the Andros

It is an innovation that revolutionizes the way a bridle works by reducing pollen printing. Designed for patents, our bridle increases the effect of the Tota Comfort noseband's curving shape to more efficiently reduce the forward impulse of the bridle and reduce the initial compression. The horse is more relaxed and many unwanted habit can be alleviated: chewing the heads, gnashing your mouth and general opposition.

Bridles are available in bridle and wheymouth designs for training and in simple nose straps or hand-cranked nose straps for show jumping horses. The Andros, our most beloved product, has a broad, ergonomic shape and is fully integrated with our Tota Comfort nose strap to enhance the effect of our designs.

Good for most types of equine, this pattern is especially good for any sensitive survey rider. It has a broad wreath shown above, the bit adapts to the rider's individual long strap heads for easy adjustment, the nose strap attaches to the broad wreath and the neck strap is easy to remove.

Nassau is a beautiful range with the pro-comfort headpiece, with two large clasps on each side that allow you to adjust the bit independently. It is beautifully upholstered and all attachments to this bridle are a one-off knob that is easily opened and makes it easier to remove the bridle.

Exuma is a roll-up of our most beloved Andros, with a broad, ergonomic headpiece that does without Tota Comfort nosebands to enhance the effect of our designs. Stylish rolling shoulder strap ideal for sophisticated headed riders. This bridle also comes with a kit of halted bridles, rivets on all attachments and has no larynx fastener.

This unassuming wreath has a large buckle at the top that contains the bridle binding. The headpiece matches most of our stallions very well because of its plain, aerodynamic head. Lauderdale Bridle offers a monocrown that enhances the effect of our breakthrough nose belt designs. It' s look is perfectly suited for the jumper ring and the slim headpiece is well suited for many different sires.

This bridle comes with suitable elastic straps. Bonaire bridle has a broad wreath with an outer bitband that is not attached to the headpiece. Like all our bridle types, this one is designed to enhance the effect of our breakthrough nose band designs. It' s look is ideal for the jumper ring and the slim headpiece is suitable for many different types of horse.

This bridle comes with suitable elastic reigns and lightning selection.

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