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Horse feed brands comparisons

All American brand horse feed. Everything else I have so far faded in comparison. Horse Nutrition Consultant in Northern California When I stop at 3 different food shops, I get 3 totally different food schedules. There are many things that Summit can do to help you and your horse. A.

Choosing the right food for your horse can be confusing and supporting an owner like you with issues like this is a big part of what we do at Summit. Many feed manufacturers, whether they are the domestic brands of a particular feed manufacturer, provide a number of different horse feed products tailored to the different needs of different types of horse.

The first thing you as a horse user need to do is know what your horse needs. How old is your horse, does he grow or is he older? When you feed a weaner, you will probably be looking for a food for your baby to grow. Groundbreaking horse with bad teeths?

In that case, a full feed for the elderly would be a good option. If you go to different stores, you are likely given some different layouts predicated on the fact that if the stores are near each other, they are likely different makes of feed in inventory. Fodder shops want to have different fodder from their rivals in storage in order to lure them into their business.

This and the fact that many of the major domestic brands are preventing feed businesses from wearing their competing brands in excess of their own. As not all brands have the same type of feed in their product ranges, it is possible that the B label may not be similar to the A label that has been suggested to you in the other feed business.

It is up to you at this point to choose which of the two is better for your horse and you should look at the label. To make a more knowledgeable decision than to rely on the text that may appear on the pouch, please refer to the guarantee analyses, feed instructions and ingredients table.

There' s no place on a feed day for the advertising idiom and what is there by the state bill against the pocket itself, which can bear a host of encouraging news. The most difficult to buy may be those for which you are looking after or at work, because there are many more possibilities for these animals than for the elderly, youngsters and brood mares.

When you go to your food shop and say that you have a 1200 pound gelding in easy work, the number of feeding options available for personnel to talk to you will be many. I would like to give you an example of how this conversion could work, using 3 feed brands available in my own feed shop.

Can you suggest a food? Do you want a Purina Feed, a Purina Feed, a Purina Feed, a Purina Feed, a Purina Feed, a Purina Feed, a Triple Crown Feed or an LMF Feed? Purina has strategy or Omolene 200 and several others. You go with Striple Crown, you got one they call training. So how hardworking is your horse?

and I' m not sure if a performance feed is the right choice because I don't want it to get heated. Now you could try a lower strength intake like LMF's Crown Low Stark or LMF's One.

In this case you would probably be better off with a rations balanceer like Purina Enrich 32 or Triple 30. Well the enrichment is 32 $27. 99 The super complement is $29. 99 and the triple crown 30 if $40.99. If the other streams were to cost how much, how much would it cost?

S: Purina perfomance-feed is around $20 each, LMF's are only a little higher and triple crowns are around $25 each. HUMBLING Well I think I'll take a pouch of strategy that seems a much better prize. Yes, but you only need to feed a few quid of the diet balancer.

I' ll take the strategy and feed it for a few quid. I can' t pay $30 a pouch for food, so it has to be the strategy. So, has this client been saving herself the trouble with the strategy? Healthy Edge Strategy has a recommanded servingsize of 7. 73lbs for a 1200lb horse in bright work (based on their website).

From $19. 99 for a 50-pound pouch (2/8/2012 locally powered storage price) which comes out at a $3. 10 per diem rate when powered as suggested. For $27. 99 and at 2lbs a days feeding to the same 1200lb horse in bright work the everyday costs are $1.12.

Sure, if she is given 2 pounds a days feed, the strategy will also have thrown back her $1.11, but the horse will not get all the mineral and vitamin needed because the feed is designed to be given a much larger amount a dail. When she is only going to be feeding at 2 lbs per diem, her feed dollar would be far better spent in the Enrich 32 ration balancer and this is likely why the feed storage personnel are trying harder to sale it on the more costly ration balancer. t...

It is more costly because it is much more nutritious than the other feed and has a smaller portion sizing. Well, whether the Enrich 32, Triple Crown 30 or Super Supplement would be the best option, which would be influenced by a number of different dietary determinants, as well as the kind of grass and what else in the food, and whether you have a solid feed formulation solid part.

It would be difficult to know what would be the best without having more knowledge about your horse's needs and circumstances. I hope this little example has been helpful in explaining why it may seem that feed traders are trying to get you to buy the more costly feed. If the more costly food for your horse is the right one depends on the needs of your horse.

Costly food can be a poor option for one horse and cheap food a poor option for another. See the following chart for more samples of daily costs comparison on the basis of portion size for some of the Feeds covered in this paper. Please keep in mind that the quid a days is predicated on information on any company website for a 1200 pound horse in easy work.

Pricing is on the basis of the feed shops in Sacramento on 8 February 2012. The information provided is for illustration only and does not constitute a feed advice for a particular horse.

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