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Equestrian competition boots

Riding boots are indispensable equipment for every riding discipline. Men's riding boots, women's riding boots and children's riding boots are available in two main types: paddock boots and high boots. You can browse our collection of long riding boots, paddock boots and court boots in a variety of materials and styles, perfect for competition or daily use. Well-known for its innovative and stylish premium footwear and apparel, Ariat is synonymous with the equestrian and country market. Buy the latest riding boots from your favorite brands like Ariat, Tuffrider and Ovation.


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ELYSIAN shows you the best riding boots from tournament to court to camp so you can get ready for the new season.

El ysian shows you the best riding boots from competition to the peloton, so that you can get ready for the new year. It may itch all horse enthusiasts out there after a long winters - a very long one for all of us in the whole land - to get back on the horse trail and get a little softer.

Just like in winters, your boots don't last forever. Maybe it's a good idea to get your riding shoes ready for the new year. ELYSIAN has compiled the ideal selection of boots to get your finger on, whether in English or West styles, for sports or leisure.

There is no equestrian coatrack without a pair of boots. They are regarded as the most fashionable equestrian clothing (and the up-to- or over-the-knee styles have become fashionable in the clothing industry). Traditional blacks and leathers, varying periods and customs have begun to laxer on the regulations that prescribe which boots are suitable for competition, we have chosen to stay with the classic.

The boots are used for jumps. All of our pickers are made of high grade genuine leathers. Well, boots are really the best of both worlds. Really. All riders need a good and robust paddocking boot for the day. Paddocking boots are usually used for work in the stable or when horse backpacking.

Since they are smaller, these boots can be combined with half caps to give the look of a larger competition boots. The boots are made for long distances. Normally, shorts are made to provide maximum wearing comfort, and many styles offer ample room in the toes to ensure the feet' elasticity.

Simply tie up a few of them and you can go riding for an hour. Raindrops, gumboots and muckboots are exactly what they ring like - watertight boots that you can wear when the climate is rough or when cleaning a messy shed. Although traditional in natural caoutchouc, there are also fashionable leathers available.

You may not be in the barn as often as you like, or you just like the look of these high boots with tights or your favourite sun dress. If you are looking for more traditionally looking show boots or eye-catching boots made of genuine hide, you will certainly find something that will reflect your own styles in and outside the arenas.

Learn more about the riding styles of ELYSIAN in our favourite pics by our favourite couturier Noel Asmar.

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