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Horses for events and sales prospects at Phyllis Dawson's Windchase. High quality, well trained Irish sport horses, thoroughbreds and warmbloods. You will find the best eventers on the market. There are several three-day eventers and top class horses. That horse could promote someone in eventing!

Eventers for sale

The search for eventers in our classifieds gives you something in common with Princess Anne, the only Queen Elizabeth II's daughters. It is not that you both occupy the 10th place on the thrones of 16 different lands, or that you have the crown Princess Royal. Rather, you will have the passion for events in one.

As European Champion, Anne is the only member of the British Royal Family to take part in the Olympic Games! When Anne came to this page of the "Teiches" she would look for Evenitng Horses for Sale in our classifieds! Ages: Handmade, custom-made wooden frames for stables for horses and events.

Winchase Horses for sale

Windchase always has an outstanding range of show horses for sale, from young, gifted horses to highly accomplished, seasoned horses. To maximise their skills and self-confidence, we believe in the proper and careful education of all horses. We are always honest; it is very important to us to help the horseman to find the right one and we try to find a matching competition that leads to a winning team.

Winchase is specialized in Irish Sport Horses, Thoroughbreds, Warmblood Crucifixes and Importers. As a rule, we have horses that are suited for all rider stages and in different prices. Look at the horses on this page, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please still get in touch with me; I always have some newcomers or young people who are not yet on the website.

When I don't have the right one for you, I can also help you to find the right one. Windchase has produced many very succesful show horses. Several of the horses we have been selling are Enniskerry Imp, Expedience, Just Fun Stuff, Quinn Himself, Polar Storm, Mizar, Cahir, Viatar, Fantasy Impromptu, Wellfleet, Draco, Sirius, Invictus, Arrow, No Tomorrow, Daybreak, Saxony, Quiet Achiever, Morning Star, Cyrillic and Playground - to name but a few.

However, the hundrets of former Windchase horses, which were outstanding riding horses for the lower performance classes and leisure riding, are also a track record. It is my belief to teach young horses the right fundamentals and the right workout before the tournament. Each and every one of our horses comes at the price that is best for you as an owner.

It makes a huge big deal when it comes to help the rider achieve his full capacity. I' ve got some really beautiful horses in different prices, some of which are not yet on the website. Please let me know what your equestrian expertise is, what your objectives are, what your budget is and what you are looking for in terms of your height, length and skill levels, and I will provide you with information about the horses that would be apt.

Sorry, we don't make video, because I think they are a bad way to evaluate a horses. You can be sure that my horses are of the highest calibre and honest, and when you see them, you will not be upset. The horses currently on sale at Windchase: Remember to go to Ireland for the GO FOR OLD sale this fall?

Go to Wormwood instead. Winchase has three first-class Irish Sport horses four-year-olds, all of Brandenburg's Windstar (father of Advanced Eventers Arthur, Polaris and Winchase Phoenix Star). They are all over 75% thoroughbreds, well grown for versatility. This year they will be on sale.

6 -year-old bay Selle Francais with 75% purebred and Anglo-Arab pedigree, 16. It is a young, gifted young stallion by Jaguar Mail (top stallion of Eveners in France in 2016) and out of a filly by top show jumping rider Rebel Z (full sibling of Ratina Z).

He' s a very good movers with the right exterior and extraordinary bounce. He is an extraordinarily gifted youngster who has the talent for the top class of the game. He' s a good choice for a serious horseman who wants to get to the top, but is also simple to handle and light enough for anamateurs.

Camppi entered the preliminary round at Fair Hill, Loudoun, Virginia Horse Trials and Middleburg this past season and jumped clearly at all four of them. Typrion - Bay 17hand 2007 Irish Sport Horse Wallach, by Fee Banks Daniel (RID) from All Ears (Oldenburg). He' s a wonderful horse to horseback riding, a wonderful movers and a strong, sturdy knight with great shape.

It has been successful at the beginner stage (unrecognized), and training, and goes well in all three stages. Courageous and simple to the fence, he would be a great steed for an aficionado who wants a chic steed to raise the game. Jeshi CR - 2008 Oldenburg brown filly by Donates, 16.

She is a really pretty moving stallion and an outstanding jumping stallion. Now she has a backdrop in hunter/jumper and training and is turning to eventing. A stylish, future-oriented filly, she is an intelligent and sporty athlete, a really handsome stallion with which you can collect kilometres of competition.

Well-trained and willing, she would be a great horse for an beginner, younger horseman or pony clubber who wants to train the rope and climb through the raft. It' sonic and fitting, it' s prepared to take you out of its versatility.

Faro is out of a well breeded Irish Sport Horses filly (by Brandenburg's Windstar) and comes from the successfull breeding stable eventing colt Orujo de la Galerna. He is a good movers and a sporty jumping rider. Having taken several tests for young show jumpers, he will soon begin his eventing careers.

Apt for an ambitioned horse who wants to get a gifted junior player through the level. SYRIPPLES (a.k.a. Ripples) - Schimmel 2012 Iron Sport Horse filly, 16. She is a beautiful half-blood filly, an excellent fox-hunter and chased the first fight with the Piedmont. She' s from Rhyd's Sea Quest (by the famous lrish father Sea Crest) and therefore has amazing outlines.

She' a lovely lady and a gifted jumping woman. Well-trained and calm, she is a willing companion and willing to begin her versatile professionalism. She' s an all-rounder who can do everything, suited for versatility, fox hunting or show ring. Pre?ence - Bay 2009 thoroughbred gelding, 16.

Successfully competes at Novice and is solid in training, and has many skills to move through the ranks. He is a good movers and a sporty show jumpingster. For amateurs and young riders looking for a competitve mate. Please click on this symbol to see the horses already on sale.

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